Monday, January 07, 2013

Chilangwa implores Kawambwa residents to form clubs

Chilangwa implores Kawambwa residents to form clubs
By Godfrey Chikumbi in Kawambwa
Mon 07 Jan. 2013, 13:58 CAT

IT irritates me to see individuals asking for cash from me instead of pestering me to develop their area, Kawambwa Central member of parliament Nickson Chilangwa has said.

Speaking when he addressed scores of people who gathered to welcome him in Kawambwa's Iyanga ward, Chilangwa said he would not be distributing cash to selfish individuals at the expense of developing their areas.

Chilangwa, who is also home affairs deputy minister, observed that some selfish individuals were always asking him for cash instead of taking him to task to develop the constituency.

"President Michael Sata and Chilangwa will never come here to distribute money to selfish individuals. But we shall embark on developmental projects that will benefit everyone," Chilangwa said.

"Just three weeks ago, I passed through here and a group of boys stopped me to ask for a KR50; I want to ask them where the same cash has taken them; we want to build bridges, schools roads and sink boreholes to satisfy everyone."

Chilangwa said he was fed up with people rushing to his vehicle each time he was in the constituency to ask for money to buy beer.

He urged the people to form and register clubs through which they could collectively access government funding.

He said since his election, he had facilitated the formation and registration of clubs which had since been funded.

"There is money at the ministries of gender, youth and sports and other ministries which is lying, begging, waiting for you to get it as groups and not individuals. We are also using CDF to empower women," he said.

"I came with hammer mills, poultry equipment and many things that will be given to women and youth groups that applied for them."

Meanwhile, Chilangwa said that Kawambwa was earmarked for serious transformation.

He said the government had earmarked construction of a modern hospital because the area had a very small health facility which was equivalent to a clinic.

"A district of Kawambwa's magnitude deserves a better hospital than that one you call a hospital. We have already been given a hospital," he said.

Chilangwa said the government last year allocated K100 million (KR100,000) to Kawambwa district hospital for it to be rehabilitated, and works were almost complete.

He said all township roads would this year be repaired because they were impassable.

Chilangwa also said that he would modernise Kawambwa by putting up street lights this year.

Meanwhile, Chilangwa says the government plans to set up mini solar power stations in Luapula in order to mitigate the poor power supply the province had been experiencing.

Chilangwa said in an interview that Luapula was at the tail end of the power supply in Zambia, making it experience "terrible power supply".
He said the government had looked to solar power as short and medium solutions to the power deficit the province had continued to experience.

He said the government had since invited construction companies to bid for tenders to construct mini solar power stations in the districts of Luapula.

"The ZPPA (Zambia Public Procurement Authority) and the tender committee at the Ministry of Energy would close tenders sometime in January this year," Chilangwa said.

He said the government would engage Zesco as a key partner because the solar power sites would run as close as possible to Zesco lines.



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