Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Cops arrest 74 riotous L/stone youths

Cops arrest 74 riotous L/stone youths
By Edwin Mbulo in Livingstone and Lemmy Likando in Mazabuka
Wed 02 Jan. 2013, 16:30 CAT

POLICE in Livingstone have arrested 74 youths for riotous behaviour and misconduct while a man has also been detained for shattering his own motor vehicle windscreen to celebrate his making it into the new year.

And in Lusaka, a downpour dampened the celebration spirits although most people stayed late to 'enter' 2013.

Confirming the arrest of the youths, Southern Province police commissioner Charity Katanga said some youths also broke into Hungry Lion takeaway town outlet in excitement for making it into 2013.

"The excitement went just too far. That is why I called in for some officers and went to clear the streets as the youths had become riotous. My officers informed me that they were throwing bottles and other objects at passing motor vehicles so we went to clear the streets. Some of them also broke into Hungry Lion, all out of excitement," she said.

Katanga said apart from the 74 youths, a man also broke his own motor vehicle windshield for no apparent reason.

And youths broke in wild celebrations with males urinating on the road in full view of females while others threw stones, broke bottles and lit fireworks to celebrate their making it into 2013.

Youths formed a barricade at the junction of Akapelwa and Mutelo streets, closing off the main road to motorists.

In the ensuing confusion, some youths tried to stone some vehicles and other celebrants were nearly hit by cars.
In Lusaka, most of the fireworks displays were dimmed by the downpour, which started around 20:00 hours.

And Mazabuka District Hospital recorded four New Year babies, a boy and three girls.
Mazabuka mayor Lloyd Buumba donated clothes valued at K3 million to the four babies.

And a journalist from Mazabuka Community Radio Station, Joe Pandwe, also donated K1 million to the mothers of the babies.
Pandwe also gave the hospital a K1 million, which he said should be used to solve some of the problems facing the institution.



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