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(HERALD ZW) Academic Selous Scouts hurting Zim

Academic Selous Scouts hurting Zim
Friday, 23 December 2011 00:00
Panganai Kahuni

Selous Scouts were well-trained soldiers employed in special units by the Rhodesian Government to carry out specialised operations against Freedom Fighters in Mozambique and Zambia. They were the units that were used to assassinate Cdes Chitepo, JZ Moyo, Nikita Mangena and Edison Sithole just to mention a few. Edison Sithole disappeared from the streets of Harare then Salisbury and was never to be seen again.

The special units used atrocious, barbaric, ruthless and merciless tactics, in all their activities that were targeted at revolutionary politicians and Freedom Fighters. Their main objective was to sabotage the liberation war so as to continue with the colonial Rhodesia rule. They were African people of our nationality who were used against their own mothers, sisters, brothers and cousins. These included the likes of Dr Rupiya who later became the MDC-T security advisors.

Now, dear reader, when the son of the soil Cde R G Mugabe talks about a violence-free nation people whose advise comes from these notorious Selous Scouts will always laugh at him. It is these treacherous and treasonous ex-Rhodies like Roy Bennett, Martin Rupiya, Giles Mutsekwa who continue to make the MDC-T youths a violent lot.

This cancerous diseases has gotten grips with the some of the academics in Zimbabwe. The academics, many of whom are employed by NGOs, and Civic Organisation have grown an elephant skin and have become hard hearted against the Independence and Sovereignty of our great nation, Zimbabwe.

Dear reader, if you listen to Studio Seven around 1900 pm, you will be able to understand what this writer is talking about. On these Studio Seven programmes, which are run by the unrepentant imperial giant USA, one's ears are bombarded with an assortment of communiqu├ęs that are meant to sabotage and rubbish our beloved nation.

Those moonlighting on Studio Seven, in the majority of cases, are Zimbabwean academics who are now playing the same role played by Selous Scouts during the Rhodesian era.

The atrocious propaganda that is emitted by these savage and barbaric Studio Seven programmes is programmed and read by Zimbabwe's intellectual rebels who have been turned by civic organisation as highly offensive academic Selous Scouts who symbolise the Rhodesian Selous Scouts.

The British and American governments, including ex-Rhodies now resident in South Africa, have not forgiven President Robert Mugabe for leading a war of liberation and enunciation a land reform policy together with championing the Indigenous and empowerment act. People like Eric Block and Roy Bennet have not forgiven Zanu-PF for repossessing land and for advancing black empowerment with a strong vision of Indigenising and empowering our youths, thus creating local indigenous capital like China did.

The hate for President Mugabe and Zanu-PF is regardless of the fact that they embrace a concept of reconciliation; a concept meant to bring peace and tranquillity in Zimbabwe. If the government had not adopted the policy of reconciliation, it would have experienced an excruciating civil war as happened in Angola.

Zimbabwe's neo-liberal academics, that now play the role of Selous Scouts, can easily be code named Academic Selous Scouts; only interested in selling out their heritage in order to receive thirty pieces of silver.

This writer does not lose sight of other academics of non-neoliberal characteristics. The likes of Professors' Gwabi Bhebe, Pfukwa Gwarinda, Nyagura, Bishops Manhanga and Gwedegwe, just to mention a few. These men of profound academic excellence have remained politically, morally, and spiritually forthright. These and their like-minded colleagues have demonstrated their highest integrity and search of excellence.

In the contrary, civic organisations that have sprouted like mushroom, nicodemosly named themselves with nicest acronyms. Some land themselves with names that include democracy, good governance and development. These seemingly sumptuous names are crafted and drafted by Academic Rebels whose intentions is not about developing or democratising Zimbabwe.

These are names that sound melodious in spirit but the music is only enjoyed by those who fund them. These are institution that are in spirit meant to bring hope and joy for Zimbabweans but in practise the hope and joy is for Europe and America. The scenario is asymmetrically designed by academic rebels to give cover to sanctions with an objective of making people protest against the government as is happening in the Arab World.

Dear reader, if you deeply search your soul in the spirit of being proudly Zimbabwean, do you see any hope, value, and joy for Zimbabweans in what professors Makumbe, Mutambara, Ncube, Madhuku, Makoni; and academics like Maguwu, Mavhinga do? Surprisingly Makumbe calls himself "the only white man from Buhera".

Oh!, by the way it should not be surprising since the party he hails from has its umbilical code at No. 10 Downing Street in London.
The Academic Selous Scouts are as skilful and tactful as the Rhodesian Selous Scouts. Remember the atrocities that were unleashed by the Rhodesian Selous Scouts in Mozambique, Zambia and operational zones all over Zimbabwe. These are the same atrocities that are being crafted by academic rebels aimed at destroying the political and economic fabric of our country. The Rhodesian Selous Scouts were Smith's tools deployed in areas suspected to harbour Freedom Fighters. Their sole objective was to exterminate all those associate with the revolution.

Most of the Academic Reactionaries are deployed in civic organisation with the sole objective of creating havoc, disorder and violence in Zimbabwe. The civic organisations that were created by the Anglo-Saxons to provoke Zimbabweans are crisis coalition in Zimbabwe led by Mavhinga, Centre for Research Development led by Maguwu, Christian Coalition in Zimbabwe, Woza, The Legal Monitor, etc. Dear reader, there is no morality, legality, spirituality, or development about these civic organisations. Their main objective is to create space to allow the western world to sanction Zimbabwe as evidenced by Maguwu's rhetoric on the Marange diamonds.

Dear reader, imagine Maguwu and his European civic organisation/NGOs creating stories of mass torture in Marange. He also had the temerity of lying through the altar of his teeth that Marange people are not happy with the modern houses built for them by the Mbada diamonds. This writer had the opportunity to visit Marange and viewed the houses; interview the locals who alleged that Maguwa was not from the area. The further stated that he should stay out of their way and leave them to live in their good habitable house.

Dear reader, the inclusive government invited the European Union to come and visit Chiadzwa Diamond with a view of making them realise and see for themselves how peaceful the Marange Diamond Area and Zimbabwe is. Icho!

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