Friday, January 25, 2013

Only senseless people can oppose Sata - Munkombwe

Only senseless people can oppose Sata - Munkombwe
By Cynthia Phiri in Choma
Thu 24 Jan. 2013, 14:00 CAT

VETERAN politician Daniel Munkombwe says President Michael Sata is an original man and he Munkombwe cannot afford not to work with him. Munkombwe, who on Tuesday defected from the MMD to PF in Choma, said that he had been attracted to join the PF by the quality of leadership the ruling party had displayed.

He said he would avoid platform politics but assured the PF that he was ready to work with them and render his services whenever called upon.

"When people say I'm not a factor, yes, I'm not a factor to useless people, Sata is reviving the Zambia Railways and these have been the things we have always dreamed of. He is bringing back what KK did, so why should people oppose him? Only senseless people are saying no; he is bringing back the roads that we the MMD destroyed, so let those who do not understand the theory of politics say I'm useless. With the little that I have, I will support Sata," he said.

Munkombwe was Southern Province minister and deputy minister in the Office of the Vice-President under MMD. He also once defected from MMD to UPND of Anderson Mazoka before going back to MMD under Levy Mwanawasa.

During Mwanawasa's time at a rally in Maamba, Munkombwe said he was interested in politics of benefits, where cadres were given jobs.

Munkombwe recently said he would gladly accept a job from President Sata if offered.

And receiving defectors at the PF office in Choma, commerce minister Robert Sichinga said the ruling party welcomes all people who want to work with the party for the development of Zambia.

Sichinga said even UPND members of parliament recognised that they could not bring development without working with the government of the day.

Speaking on behalf of the UPND defectors, Caesar Muchindu said UPND was on a path of self-destruction.

The UPND defectors who included 42 youths said they were sick and tired of clinging on to the opposition, which they said had failed to provide quality leadership.

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