Sunday, January 27, 2013

Opposition must not wish govt failure - Nalubamba

Opposition must not wish govt failure - Nalubamba
By Kombe Chimpinde
Sun 27 Jan. 2013, 11:00 CAT

SENIOR Chief Bright Nalubamba says the opposition should not think they can change a government soon after an election.

He said the opposition must not pre-occupy themselves with wishing the government failure so that they take over but should instead ensure that the government delivers sustainable development for the good of the country.

He advised the opposition to distinguish between offering proper checks and balances and politicking or pulling down a government.

"You must realise what it means to go in an election and to completely lose or win. Once you have lost, you have lost; once you have won, you have won; there is a government in place; a government which needs your support, a government which you would want it to service the people whom you want to serve as you are in the opposition," chief Nalubamba said.

"What does it help the opposition? It does not help at all. As a good opposition you must endeavour to see that government is happy. That is what you are fighting for. It is just a question of being selfish in opposition, where you just want to see that your friend fails! Then that is stupid politics."

Chief Nalubamba said the opposition must strive for consultative dialogue with the government.

"Once a government is in place, we do not wish it to fail, we wish it to serve the people. Where they fail we must be categorical and tell the government that they have gone wrong, that is checks and balances because you want proper service by the government to the people. They must have this consultative dialogue that will be working in a manner that will win them public approval," he said.

Chief Nalubamba said there was need for the opposition to be patient with the government to work through their systems and mechanisms to bring the change Zambians want to see.

"Where there is impatience, you don't get things done well. But where there is patience you get things done well," he said.

"We must also be cognisant of the fact that all the development promises that the government has made need participation and involvement of the people themselves and leaders of government alone cannot achieve anything on their own after all what is government? Government is the people. People must work out a system and mechanism of how they can involve the people so that they create money for themselves or they may be waiting for years."

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