Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sata Drops Lubinda From AU Delegation

Sata Drops Lubinda From AU Delegation
By Roy Habaalu and Moses Kuwema
Thu 17 Jan. 2013, 14:00 CAT

PRESIDENT Michael Sata has been dropped foreign affairs minister Given Lubinda from the government delegation to the 20th African Union summit in Ethiopia. Lubinda, as foreign affairs minister, was supposed to be the delegation leader for the Zambian party to the summit from 21st to 28th January.

Sources at foreign affairs disclosed yesterday that Lubinda had told some members of staff that he had been excluded from the final list of government officials going to Ethiopia. The sources said Lubinda was shocked and wondered why he was dropped without even being informed. The sources said Lubinda had been preparing himself to be in the advance party.

When contacted, Ministry of Foreign Affairs permanent secretary Margaret Miyoba referred all queries to the Secretary to the Cabinet.

"I haven't seen the list of government officials but contact the Secretary to the Cabinet. I work with them. He will be able to answer. I haven't seen the list," said Miyoba.

Sources said when Lubinda was informed about the decision to exclude him from the government entourage, he looked confused and remained mute for some time.

"Honourable Lubinda has been asking a few of our colleagues at the ministry if there was any letter for him from State House. It's like he was expecting a dismissal letter anytime after the disciplinary committee met to decide his fate because he's been phoning people here (ministry) to hear if there was anything new about his case," sources said.

Lubinda is facing disciplinary charges for working against his fellow ministers.

And PF Lusaka Province youth chairman, Kennedy Kamba, says the public sympathy Lubinda had been receiving was beginning to wane. Kamba advised Lubinda to resign from the party because he was no longer wanted.

"Even people that were sympathetic with him have now realised that the guy is treacherous. Some people were actually thinking that the PF was being unfair to him but now they have realised that it is true he was treacherous," said Kamba.

Kamba said President Sata had a lot of information about Lubinda's treacherous activities and that at an appropriate time, the public would be able to know more.

"There are a lot of things besides treachery, the President knows a lot about Lubinda's activities and there will be a time when the President or the party will tell us why they were insisting that the guy is treacherous. The public should patiently wait to hear from the party. As far as I know President Sata is a forgiving person and easily forgets but if he insists that the person is treacherous then there must be really something wrong," said Kamba.

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