Monday, January 21, 2013

(STICKY) (NEWZIMBABWE) US envoy stumped by thong protest

US envoy stumped by thong protest
Naked aggression ... Ambassador Wharton is given an eyeful by Zanu PF protester
21/01/2013 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter

THE United States ambassador to Zimbabwe Bruce Wharton has faced many protests from Zanu PF supporters since arriving in Harare last year – but none of them have been as quite revealing as this encounter in Mutare last week.

The envoy was forced to abandon a visit to the American Corner at the Turner Memorial Library in Mutare on Wednesday after Zanu PF supporters angrily confronted him demanding the lifting of sanctions on Zimbabwe.
Among the protesters was Sheila Mutsenhu, who grabbed the ambassador’s attention by stripping to her bra and thong.

Mutsenhu’s naked rage shocked the ambassador who said later that the Zanu PF protesters were “not interested in a conversation”.

The envoy also said he supported their right to protest, but demanded a "respectful sharing of ideas”.

Mutsenhu later told the Manica Post:

"Our beautiful country is reeling under the effects of illegal sanctions imposed by the West, yet we have an Ambassador coming here to tour what they say are developmental projects.

"We cannot wine and dine with the enemy and the message we are sending to them is that enough is enough, we want the country's economy to be back on track and this can only be achieved if the illegal sanctions are lifted.”

Unconfirmed reports say Mutsenhu is the same woman who stormed the newsroom of the Daily News in April last year and excoriated journalists before urinating in the reception area.

The Daily News raid woman, who was never identified, scolded journalists over a report in the paper claiming that President Robert Mugabe was seriously ill in Singapore.

The US embassy has demanded better protection for diplomats after Wharton was confronted by protesters in Rusape and Makoni in recent weeks.

"We call on the government of Zimbabwe to ensure the safety and security of diplomatic personnel, and to condemn the harassment and intimidation of peaceful exchanges between the US and the Zimbabwean people," an embassy statement said.

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