Friday, January 18, 2013

Wynter to lead AU delegation

Wynter to lead AU delegation
By Moses Kuwema
Fri 18 Jan. 2013, 13:30 CAT

PRESIDENT Michael Sata has replaced foreign affairs minister Given Lubinda with justice minister Wynter Kabimba as delegation leader for the Zambian party to the 20th African Union summit in Ethiopia.

Lubinda was dropped from the government delegation to the summit which would run from January 21-28 because of the disciplinary cases he is facing in the party.

And President Sata's special assistant for press and public relations
George Chellah confirmed that Lubinda would not attend next week's 20th ordinary session of the assembly of the African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, saying he had taken his annual leave.

Chellah stated that Lubinda has been on leave since December 21, 2012 and another minister has already taken his position as acting foreign affairs minister.

"However, it should also be borne in mind that Lubinda is facing serious charges against the party, which will only be resolved at the forthcoming party Central Committee meeting," Chellah stated.

But Lubinda revealed recently that his leave would be coming to an end next week on Tuesday.

Kabimba and his delegation are supposed to leave on Wednesday, while President Sata would be leaving for Ethiopia either on Thursday or Friday next week.

Sources revealed that as the only cabinet minister, Kabimba would lead the Zambian entourage. And the sources have also revealed that in the absence of Lubinda, his deputy Dr Effron Lungu would go to the summit.

"Dr Lungu has actually been acting as foreign affairs minister during this whole time that Lubinda has been on leave. He has been acting just for administrative conveniences and not substantively," the sources said.

Lubinda's return to work would however, depend on the outcome of the Central Committee meeting that would be sitting this Sunday to look at the allegations that Lubinda is facing.

The Central Committee would look at the recommendations from the Edgar Lungu chaired disciplinary committee of the PF, that found the Kabwata member of parliament guilty of treachery and collaborating with the opposition political parties to discredit the ruling party.

During the same meeting, the Central Committee would also look at the recommendations from the disciplinary committee on the suspensions of former Lusaka Province PF chairman Davies Chama and his counterpart from Eastern Province Lucas Phiri and other leaders from Eastern Province.

Other issues to be tackled during the meeting include the adoption of candidates for the Mpongwe and Livingstone parliamentary by elections slated for February 28.

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