Thursday, February 07, 2013

Choma feeder roads to benefit from Link 8,000 - Mulenga

Choma feeder roads to benefit from Link 8,000 - Mulenga
By Cynthia Phiri in Choma
Wed 06 Feb. 2013, 15:00 CAT

SOUTHERN Province permanent secretary Dr Chileshe Mulenga says government will ensure that all the urban and feeder roads in Choma are worked on under the Link Zambia 8,000 project.

In an interview, Dr Mulenga noted that most of the roads in the province were in a bad state. He said there was need to tar most of the roads in Choma because of its new provincial status which had already started attracting investors.

''Choma is looking up in terms of economic growth due its new status. Already it has started attracting investment and for us to attract more investors, we need to upgrade the road infrastructure to a state befitting its status. Most of our roads in the province are in a poor state but we should not worry because they will be covered in the Link Zambia 8,000 Project,' 'he said.

On the new Choma General Hospital being operational, Dr Mulenga acknowledged that there was a challenge in the health sector in Southern Province and attributed the delay in commissioning the new hospital to a number of unfinished structures that the PF government inherited from the previous regime.

''Because we inherited a lot of unfinished structures, it's very difficult to identify which people are responsible but then people should not worry. Choma is now the provincial capital and we will ensure that it has adequate infrastructure," he explained.

And Dr Mulenga said that all the provincial administration offices were now operating from Choma and had settled in very well despite the challenge of accommodation and office space.

"All departments have moved to Choma and we are using all the available space in government buildings," he said.

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