Friday, February 15, 2013

Kabimba and I are now good buddies - GBM

Kabimba and I are now good buddies - GBM
By Edwin Mbulo in Livingstone
Fri 15 Feb. 2013, 15:20 CAT

PEOPLE should not refer to my quarrels with Wynter Kabimba as squabbles within the PF, says Geoffrey Mwamba.
And Mwamba says he and Kabima have come out to be "good buddies" following their differences.

Speaking during a good governance radio programme on Radio Mosi-oa-Tunya on Wednesday, Mwamba, who is defence minister, said both understand each other.
"Somebody asked me that there are squabbles in PF and I said no, there are no squabbles; he even referred to me and Wynter Kabimba.

I and Wynter are both Cabinet ministers and we are working together and we don't seem to have problems. So people should not refer to my quarrels with Wynter Kabimba as squabbles in the party; that is long gone. Even in your home, we quarrel at time with our wives who are our best friends, it is normal and healthy. It is a pity that it has to get to the ears of the public," Mwamba said.

"Look here, me and Wynter have come out very strong, and we have come out to be good buddies. We have come out to be good friends, because we understand each other; he knows what I don't like and I know what he doesn't like. But what I can assure you is that the PF is intact and we shall remain united."
Kabimba and Mwamba were perceived to be engaged in a fight over who should take over as leader of the PF from President Michael Sata.

And speaking earlier when he met PF campaigners in Dambwa Site and Service, Mwamba said the February 28 by-elections were a litmus test for the PF in Southern Province.

"We shall not fight them, even if they use the Mapatizya formula, we have to be above board. This is the right time for the PF to have a parliamentary seat in Southern Province, so allow me to introduce the Kasama formula in Livingstone. Even if they use the Mapatizya formula, we shall use the Kasama formula, the don't Kubeba formula," he said.
And PF Southern Province political secretary Brian Hapunda said the PF was a peaceful party.

"Just a few days ago the UPND campaign manager Garry Nkombo defamed our President, he insulted our President, ordinarily what we should have done as cadres is that we should have reacted and this place would have been a no go area for Nkombo but here we are we meet and shake hands, so who is provocative? I was in the UPND and I know that the Mapatizya formula means beating," said Hapunda.

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