Monday, February 04, 2013

Masumba's son drowns in pool

Masumba's son drowns in pool
By Agness Changala
Sun 03 Feb. 2013, 14:40 CAT

STEVEN Masumba has demanded an explanation on the death of his son who drowned in Richard Taima's swimming pool on Friday. Masumba's son, Milangwe, who was about one year four months old, drowned in a swimming pool at Taima's residence in Woodlands on Friday.

Taima's niece, Stacy, is the mother of Masumba's son. An emotional Masumba, who had difficulties explaining the death of his son, in an interview yesterday demanded an explanation from Stacy and her family on what had transpired regarding the incident.

He said he was informed about his son's death by Taima while he was in Solwezi.
Masumba said the time the incident occurred, Stacy was at Taima's place and that he did not know exactly what transpired.

He said he expected the mother or anyone present to monitor the child's movements, especially that there was a swimming pool.

"Eventually the mother should also be in a position to give feedback on what transpired and where was she when the same thing was happening?" he asked. "I can't understand up to now and I am still in a confused state of some kind."

Masumba said what had happened sounded simple when it was someone else involved but added that the pain he was feeling was something he could not explain.
Masumba, however, said he had no option but to accept what happened to his son, saying it was the will of God.

And Taima, who also confirmed the death of his grandson, explained that he had arrived in Kapiri Mposhi en route to Solwezi when his wife called and told him about what happened.

Taima, who is commerce deputy minister, said he was told that Stacy was in the bathroom and left the son with her young cousin from Solwezi who was on holiday.
He said when Stacy came out of the bathroom, it was the cousin's turn to bath when the absence of the child was noted.

Taima said after searching around, the maid saw the baby through a kitchen window and told Stacy that the child was in the swimming pool.

He said Milangwe was taken out of the swimming pool and first aid was administered but to no avail.

Taima said the child was later rushed to Maina Soko Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Taima, who has hosted the funeral at his residence, further said the child's body is in Maina Soko Hospital Mortuary and burial is expected to take place today or tomorrow.

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