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(NEWZIMBABWE) Britain does not love Zimbabwe

Britain does not love Zimbabwe
20/02/2013 00:00:00
by Mai Jukwa

THE British waste no opportunity to remind us that they care for the poor people of Zimbabwe. They claim that it is because they are so concerned about human rights and democracy that they have felt compelled to impose sanctions.

These are noble-sounding statements of self-praise that paint British motives in a very kind light. However, we must examine words against actions if we are to discover the real motives of the British in Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe is being punished because it is charged with violating human rights. This punishment is expressed through sanctions.

Let us begin this examination by use of contrasts as we seek to establish if these sanctions are really because of alleged human rights violations.

Britain demands sanctions on Zimbabwe but says nothing about human rights in many nations that it calls allies. An example is Saudi Arabia. Is this not hypocrisy of the worst kind? If indeed the British are so sore about human rights why do they say nothing about nations that are completely totalitarian and have total disregard for human rights?

Let’s draw back to the contrast with Saudi Arabia. Which country is more democratic? Which country has greater respect for human rights? Zimbabwe is the one that is subject to sanctions, whilst the Saudi King enjoys tea and biscuits with the Queen of England. One would naturally conclude that the Saudi’s must be saints, the salt of the earth.

Consider the freedom of religion. Zimbabweans are free to worship in whatever manner pleases them. Islam, Buddhism, Christianity and a host of other religions are practised without interference from the state. Saudi Arabia, the British chief-ally in the Middle East, does not allow this. Bringing a bible into the country for the purpose proselytising is illegal and punishable by lashings and prolonged imprisonment. These are the people that Britain calls friends. But we are told that Mugabe is the demon who does not respect human rights. We are told that Mugabe is the animal.

In 2005 Mohammed al-Harbi was sentenced to 40 months in prison and 750 lashes after he discussed the bible with students and was alleged to have praised Jews during a class. This is savagery at its best but you will not hear a word of protest from the British who claim they are champions of human rights. I will remind you that these are the laws of the land, not the work of unruly thugs. This is all entirely legal.

What about the rights of women? Around the world universal suffrage has become a standard. It is now commonly held that women are equal to men. But how does Britain's chief ally in the Middle East treat women? They are not allowed to vote. They are not allowed to drive. They are not allowed to travel abroad without the company or permission of a male ‘guardian’ as they are considered to be minors.

In contrast, Zimbabwean women enjoy absolute freedom and can travel as they please and do as they wish. But it is Zimbabwe that is under sanctions for violating human rights not Saudi Arabia. The British tell us we should be thankful for these sanctions as they are in our best interests. They are doing it because they love us. They must imagine us to be great fools.

In November of 2012, Mohammed Ibrahim, a Nigerian man living is Saudi Arabia, was accused of theft. As punishment under the country’s strict Sharia laws, he had his hand chopped off. In June of the same year, Mareeh bin Ali bin Issa al-Asiri was executed for allegedly committing adultery and practicing witchcraft. This is the country that Britain considers an ally. It is not under sanctions. But we are told that Britain is sanctioning the demon Mugabe for violating human rights. The sanctions are because the British have so much love for the poor people of Zimbabwe. One wonders why the British cannot share some of this love with their Saudi ally.

The British are also very much unhappy at what they claim are election irregularities in Zimbabwe. Unless they deem elections free and fair under their terms, then Zimbabwe will remain under sanctions. But let us look at the record and see which country is more democratic. In Zimbabwe we actually hold timeous elections in which we elect parliamentarians and the president. In the last election, the MDC won and took control of parliament. Is this how a dictatorship operates?

Whilst the British howl endlessly about elections in Zimbabwe, their Queen is having feast upon feast with the Saudi King. Are there any opposition parties in Saudi Arabia? The answer is no. Do they even have elections in that country? Again the answer is no. Do they allow anti-government newspapers to publish freely? No again. What about the Internet, is it freely accessible as it is in Zimbabwe? No it is not, the government filters it. The nation is a totalitarian police state that is ruled by a monarch that cannot be questioned. They are not under sanctions. Is it because the British so love Zimbabwe more than they do Saudi Arabia? Why are they not introducing sanctions against that country if they are such champions of democracy?

Has Mugabe created a secret prison in which he holds men indefinitely without trial in violent violation of habeas corpus and the rules of natural justice? No, Guantanamo Bay does not have Robert Mugabe’s name on it. Has Robert Mugabe’s government killed innocent women and children in a drone strike and callously dismissed the atrocity as collateral damage? This is the work of the British and the Americans. For every fifty people killed in a drone strike, only one is an actual insurgent. As the president has previously said, they have much to atone for and very little to lecture us on human rights.

The duplicity and evil of the white man is well documented in history. Their actions in Zimbabwe are not because they love us. Far from it! They are angry because we dared take back land that they stole. They had grown accustomed to plundering nations and getting away with it. They felt it their right as whites to steal, feign regret but keeping possession of the stolen goods. Look at what they are doing to the Aboriginals in Australia. They live on the periphery of society in their own land. In Zimbabwe we said no to their supremacist nonsense and kicked them out. They are enraged beyond measure and want to punish us whilst hiding behind human rights and democracy to lend legitimacy to their cruel actions. It is impossible to hide behind a finger.

We have been quiet for a very long time as they carried on this hypocrisy. However I can assure the West and their surrogate political parties that this election we are going to expose them and expose them clearly. This election is a game changer and we are indeed going to fight like a wounded beast.

Amai Jukwa is a loving mother of three. She respects Robert Mugabe, is amused by Tsvangirai and feels sorry for Mutambara. She loves being followed on Twitter @AmaiJukwa

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