Friday, March 22, 2013

Kaingu defends Dora's 'finger'

Kaingu defends Dora's 'finger'
By Kombe Chimpinde
Fri 22 Mar. 2013, 14:01 CAT

MICHAEL Kaingu says there is nothing wrong with a person raising a middle finger against another.

Kaingu who is MMD vice-president for politics and Mwandi member of parliament, said in an interview that Dora Siliya should be left alone to do her good works because debates on what punishment should be meted on her for raising her middle finger in Parliament last Friday is completely irrelevant to the Zambian culture.

He said there is nothing insulting about what the Petauke member of parliament did by raising her middle finger against those who remained in Parliament to debate a motion on the lifting of former president Rupiah Banda's immunity.

"Whether people like it or not, I am grounded in cultures. I have studied the Bemba cultures because they are many. There are Bisas, and all other tribes in that region. I have studied the Ngonis. There is
nothing insulting about raising a middle finger. They should just let Siliya continue with her good work," said Kaingu, whose daughter Iris, was found guilty and convicted for producing obscene material that corrupt morals.

"Even if that (Dora's action) is on video, what does the raising of a middle finger mean? Part of my PhD study is on culture, there is no culture in Zambia that uses that as an insult… 73 cultures in Zambia have nothing on record that shows that actually the raising of the middle finger is an insult."

He defended Siliya, describing her action as just a mere mocking expressing.

"Even if you are talking about globalisation, that we are living in today…that expression is not an insult per say. It is a mocking sign. Otherwise who can explain to you what it really means? Well people may come up with their own translations but it's no different from any other expression such as the PF's fist. It does not mean one is threatening violence, when they raise it; it is just a way to mock a person. UNIP has a slogan where they raise two fingers, does that mean an insult? It just means they are teasing those that are not UNIP. Somebody else could translate that to mean peace," Kaingu explained.

"…Its not an insult that is what I am saying. It could be offensive just as a fist is or Karate Chop which is the symbol of the UPND. Maybe a person who must be offended is an Italian because they know what it really means. It is a perception. We must be mindful how we mainstream other people's cultures in our cultures."

He said Zambians should learn to interact and express themselves freely.

"Let us learn to interact. We are so tensed up in this country," said Kaingu.

Parliamentary chief whip Yamfwa Mukanga on Tuesday said Parliament would definitely have to deal with the issue of Siliya's insulting gesture in the House.

And home affairs deputy minister Steven Kampyongo described Siliya as morally bankrupt, while some youth have called for Siliya's expulsion from Parliament.

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