Friday, March 15, 2013

Masebo urges change of work culture

Masebo urges change of work culture
By Edwin Mbulo in Livingstone
Thu 14 Mar. 2013, 17:20 CAT

SYLVIA Masebo has called for a change in work culture among civil servants. Masebo, the tourism and arts minister, after receiving a letter from a Livingstone woman during the arts auditions at Mukuni Park for the forthcoming United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) general assembly said that there is a big problem in the government with regard to work attitude.

She said ordinary citizens now feel comfortable to have their concerns submitted directly to the ministers than civil servants.

"Now they (people) feel it is easy to see a minister and pour out their ideas and plans. I have this letter here written by a lady whose name I will withhold although she has signed it; she says there are five ladies who have ideas on how best they can be enterprising and want assistance so I invite the lady and her friends so that we can have lunch tomorrow (Wednesday) and discuss what they have to offer," Masebo said.

She said Zambians must be free to approach the government workers to get answers on various government programmes meant to empower them.

"The government has released a lot of money to line ministries which are intended to change the lives of the ordinary citizens but this is not seen or does not get to the ordinary people. I'm very mindful because we may have a big event (UNWTO general assembly) which will be of no value to the ordinary Zambian," Masebo said amid cheers from the artistes and youth.

Various artistes showcased what they have prepared for the UNWTO general assembly in terms of artifacts most of which have been branded in Zambian colours, while most musical CDs have tourism messages.

The UNWTO general assembly scheduled for August 24 to 29 will be held for the first time in Southern Africa and the second in Africa after Senegal hosted the 2005 gathering of the tourism sector.

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