Thursday, March 07, 2013

Rupiah can't repent if his sins are not exposed - Magande

Rupiah can't repent if his sins are not exposed - Magande
By Kombe Chimpinde
Thu 07 Mar. 2013, 14:00 CAT

NG'ANDU Magande says Rupiah Banda cannot repent if his sins are not exposed. Magande, who is National Movement for Progress president, said it was unfortunate that Zambians had to spend time now to uncover the skeletons of Banda when this would have been avoided by taking up the issue when Banda was in office.

"We didn't take up issues (abuse of office) that time. During RB's time, people were talking, I was talking; you were quoting me. The parties were talking. Now surprisingly some parties are saying because this 'person is not in government, leave him alone'. How do you do things like that? Because people don't repent without knowing their sins," he said.

Magande said President Michael Sata should approach Banda and try to give him one last chance to answer to the charges levelled against him.
"Let him (President Sata) call him (to a meeting) where ACC is going to present what they have against him so that he lets him explain to the charges. He has refused to appear before ACC. What can poor (Roswin) Wandi do? Of course you know she cannot be forcing an elderly person to appear before her," Magande said.

"Going to Parliament where others in the opposition are already saying 'we won't vote', they may just face opposition. Even when they have the facts, the opposition may just oppose. So why can't the President say 'I will deal with the matter differently'."

He said the public must be made to understand the extent of mismanagement in the Banda-led regime in order for everyone to participate in calls to have him prosecuted.

"Levy Mwanawasa had to look for very senior statesmen to come and persuade (Fredrick) Chiluba to admit that he had gotten this much money... That is what Mwanawasa did when he brought (Olusagan) Obasanjo here. It was only after he failed that he started saying he could use the legal system," Magande said.

"During our time we had to publish information to say we have recovered this, and some people bought some that was auctioned. We were making these announcements. People were also free to listen to the legal proceeding."
And Magande said that the opposition must not oppose the lifting of Banda's immunity on the basis that they were not in government.

"When government is doing something which you have to get involved, you participate; don't jump to oppose everything. For me who has been in government for a long time, I find a problem in a way we politicians are running the country. There is no continuity," he said.

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