Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Beware of UPND, Ngosa cautions Kapiri youths
By Moses Kuwema
Mon 01 Apr. 2013, 14:01 CAT

PF Kabwe district youth chairman Paul Ngosa says the youths in Kapiri Mposhi should be alert and vigilant with the UPND, whom he said are desperate to be known in the area and not to win an election.

In an interview, Ngosa said he was aware that the UPND would try and use the violent Mapatizya formula in the area.

"I want to urge my fellow youths in Kapiri Mposhi to be security-conscious. As youths, move as a group, do not be relaxed because we are dealing with a failing political party and also a violent one and can do anything at any time," Ngosa said.

And Ngosa said the Tongas living around Kapiri Mposhi area should not accept to be dragged into tribal politics which he said was being practised by the UPND.

He said the people of Kapiri Mposhi once again had a chance to redeem themselves by voting for Eddie Musonda, the PF candidate in the by-election.

Ngosa said voting for Musonda would bring about more development to Kapiri Mposhi, which he said had lagged behind in development despite its central location.

"The MMD has been enjoying support from the people of Kapiri Mposhi but they failed to develop the town because they never had the interest of the people at heart. It is now time for the people of Kapiri Mposhi to switch their support and loyalty to the PF," he said.

Ngosa said UPND candidate Lawrence Zimba never did anything for the people of Kapiri Mposhi from the time he became member of parliament.
The Kapiri Mposhi by-election is slated for April 23, 2013. The seat fell vacant after the court nullified the election of Zimba.

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