Monday, April 22, 2013

Kabimba explains why MMD is crumbling
By Roy Habaalu
Mon 22 Apr. 2013, 14:01 CAT

COMMENT - Actually the MMD is crumbling not because their members didn't believe in the party, but because the party has no ideology. This meant that the only reason it was in power, was to remain in power, for the benefit of it's corrupt members. This is nothing anyone wants to vote for. The PF should heed the same warning - no ideology, no party. So it is time to tax the mines, and take the Windfall Tax debate to the Zambian people, and show the world the support there is for it.

WYNTER Kabimba says MMD is crumbling because its members were in it for money. And Kabimba says there are civil servants that are exhibiting extreme arrogance towards the PF government.

During the PF Lusaka Province fundraising dinner on Saturday, Kabimba, who is party secretary general, said no one should sympathise with the downfall of the former ruling party because it was paying for its deeds while in power.

"MMD is crumbling because its members didn't believe in the party. In the unlikely event that they come back, they can't win an election. I don't see any party beating PF, so when they are crumbling don't mourn with them, don't sympathise with it, it's not your party. Don't mourn with parties that are disintegrating. If UPND is disintegrating, don't pray for them, it's not your duty, don't sympathise with them, it's not your role. People of Zambia are not interested in other parties because they don't see unity, so don't blame President Michael Sata or PF that we are creating a one-party state," Kabimba said.

"In the past 20 years, those who didn't belong to the MMD were looked at as second-class citizens. PF is re-organisng this country and going back to the national slogan of One Zambia, One Nation. We don't want a party that will cause ethnic divisions. Our major focus is to develop Zambia in the interest of all our people, not a small group of people like MMD did. We have a lot of lessons to learn from the mistakes of MMD," he said.

Kabimba said the PF was getting rid of the MMD culture where those that did not give it money suffered retribution.

He said the PF was promoting the spirit of voluntarism and would not extort money from government coffers.

He said unlike the MMD that sent circulars asking for money, PF would embark on income-generating activities.

Kabimba said the party must remain strong to govern the country in a proper way.

"We must believe in PF and have faith in this organisation. President Michael Sata moved it for ten years, he's our hero today. In the history of this country, there are only two individuals that started parties and formed government; that is UNIP for Dr Kenneth Kaunda and President Michael Sata's PF," Kabimba said.

He also said civil servants should know that for now, the PF was in charge of the nation's affairs.

Kabimba said PF was the political authority and was superior because the government was its agent.

"When you hear any civil servant saying they are not partisan, please come back to the party. Some civil servants are exhibiting extreme arrogance to the party but they must know who is in charge for now. They don't want to see President Michael Sata's portrait, so the best thing to do is leave and wait for your government and portrait of your president," he said.

Kabimba said the PF was the only party that had been mandated by the Zambian people to govern.

He said the PF would govern the country in the best interest of all its citizens.

"We are not going to be dictated to by anybody outside this country. Nobody has the right to dictate how we are going to run this country. We will govern it in the manner we deem fit and in the interest of our people. Those pandering outside sources are getting their money for nothing. We'll not allow them to divert the interests of this country," said Kabimba.

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