Monday, April 29, 2013

One province can't rule Zambia - Sata
By Joseph Mwenda and Cynthia Phiri in Kalomo
Thu 25 Apr. 2013, 14:00 CAT

PRESIDENT Michael Sata says even if he dies today, opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema will not become president because he is a baby in politics.

And chief Sinadambwe of Siavonga says traditional leaders also desire to enjoy good living.

Addressing residents of chief Chikanta in Kalomo yesterday, President Sata said Hichilema had been lying to people of Southern Province that he was dying.

"I was a councillor in Kabulonga. I was an MP in Kabwata and Mpika. I was a minister of state in local government. I was district governor of Lusaka. I was minister of local government, minister of labour, minister of health and minister without portfolio…until God said you have done your work now I will give you the most top job. But my brother HH comes here to cheat you. Comrade HH has never been a councillor. He has never been an MP or a deputy minister. After Anderson Mazoka died, he just jumped from nowhere to be on top. That is why he has been lying to you people that I am dying. I am not dying, I am still here. Even if I die today, you have seen those gentlemen there ministers and others who are not here, they will not wait for him, because where I come from in Mpika they call him Kajongosi calf," said President Sata.

President Sata, who earlier had a meeting with chiefs, urged Southern Province to desist from tribal politics and embrace the government of the day.

"One province cannot rule a country. You need to change, the choice is yours. We have this man Lawrence Evans (MP for Livingstone) who for the first time carried the province to PF. Since he became MP, go and see the changes that have taken place in Livingstone. But here where you have Ing'ombe Ilede, if we do anything, they (UPND) will come and claim," he said.

President Sata called on opposition members of parliament to work with government of the day.

"For example, where is your MP? Mr. (Cornelius) Mweetwa (Choma Central) is not here but the President of Zambia is here. Southern Province can feed the whole country but we can only change this country if we work as antomwe (together). And in order to do that, we need to first become antomwe. If you do not change to embrace us, we will not bring development to you, you will be getting the leftovers," he said jokingly.

Earlier, chief Sindambwe asked President Sata to consider building new palaces for chiefs in the country.

He complained that the houses they were currently occupying were old and no longer safe for habitation.

The traditional leader further asked the President to purchase brand new vehicles for chiefs saying the MMD government had given them second hand vehicles which had since broken down.

"We thank you for bringing us the Bottom Road. Vehicles are now running very fast on that road. We therefore ask you to consider buying us new vehicles… we want to also experience good living your excellency," he said.

Chief Sindambwe also sought President Sata's intervention in the chiefdom boundary wrangles which he said had created enmity among traditional leaders.

And chief Chikanta thanked President Sata for visiting chiefs to appreciate the challenges faced by the rural citizens.

"Your political opponents say you only take development where there is a by-election, but there is no by-election in Chikanta and you are here," he said.

Meanwhile, chieftainess Mwenda of Chikankata district described President Sata as a kind person who had already done a lot for Southern Province.

''You have done a lot for Southern Province already, you are a kind and loving person. Those who do not know you may misunderstand you," she said.

At the same event, Southern Province minister Daniel Munkombwe said he had served all past presidents with royalty and as such he had emerged a political survivor.



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