Saturday, April 13, 2013

Rupiah ran most corrupt govt in Zambia - East PF
By Christopher Miti in Chipata
Sat 13 Apr. 2013, 14:01 CAT

THE PF in Eastern Province says Andrew Banda should remember that his father ran the most corrupt government in the country's history.

Reacting to Banda's utterances that the performance of the PF was pathetic when he featured on Feel Free FM's Big Issue programme on Wednesday, PF provincial vice chairperson Atany Mwamba said that the MMD under Rupiah Banda did far more damage than good to the country.

Mwamba stated that the PF was striving to correct the damage that the Banda administration did to the country. He stated that the PF government brought back Zamtel and Finance Bank, which were dubiously sold by Banda.

"Andrew Banda never went to the media to criticise the former president over these dubious dealings. People in Kafue and country at large are happy because the PF government has put life to Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia, which is a major employer in Kafue. His (Andrew's) father came to commission the Chipata-Mchinji Railway line but no one saw its importance because it became a white elephant the moment Rupiah Banda left for Lusaka. Zambia Railways is now back on the scene for everyone to see and this is something that Rupiah never thought of," Mwamba stated.

He stated that the government had started opening roads such as the Chipata-Vubwi road that were in bad state.

Mwamba stated that Banda's regime acquitted the late Frederick Chiluba but wondered why Andrew did not go to the media to condemn him.
He stated that it was very difficult for Andrew to accept his father's short stay in State House.

"My sincere advice to my cousin is to accept the situation and tone down, though it's a difficult undertaking. Corruption in MMD was so fashionable that if 'you are not corrupt, then you are not a guy'. Andrew should be the last person to condemn any government because the legacy his father left, which everyone talks about highly, was that of dressing trees and dogs with MMD chitenge material. I know it's his democratic right to express his views in any way," stated Mwamba.

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