Saturday, April 06, 2013

Sata appoints Lungu acting President
By Joseph Mwenda
Fri 05 Apr. 2013, 14:01 CAT

PRESIDENT Michael Sata has appointed home affairs minister Edgar Lungu as acting president. And President Sata on Wednesday asked if defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba had stopped 'fighting' with justice minister Wynter Kabimba.

When he arrived at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport around 21:00 hours, President Sata jokingly instructed Lungu to discipline Kabimba.

"Mr President, have you seen this one? You must discipline him," he said as Lungu responded; "right now I can't do anything Your Excellency but I will discipline him as soon as you take off."

The President also told Inspector General of police Stellah Libongani to discipline his aide-de-camp whom he said did not know the way around the airport.

"What kind of ADC is this one", President Sata who normally flies to the airport by helicopter asked as he disembarked from the presidential Mercedes Benz. Where is the IG? Where did you get this man? Can you discipline him. He doesn't know this airport, I know this airport more than him," he said.

And President Sata jokingly referred to Mwamba and Kabimba as 'Fat Albert' and 'Thin Albert' respectively.

As President Sata approached the airport apron, Kabimba and Mwamba together with other government officials lined up to greet him.
When greeting Mwamba, President Sata asked: "Iwe Fat Albert, have you stopped fighting with Thin Albert?"

Mwamba responded that the two ministers had become best friends.
"Your Excellency, we are now best friends," said Mwamba while embracing Kabimba.

President Sata then congratulated them prompting those seeing him off to laugh as he referred to Vice-President Guy Scott as 'White Albert'.
Fat Albert is a character from the 1972-1985 animated TV series Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids.

President Sata took off for Beijing at about 21:30 hours aboard an Emirates commercial flight.

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