Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Sata should be wary of people surrounding him - Mwenechifungwe
By Allan Mulenga in Mafinga
Mon 06 May 2013, 14:01 CAT

CHIEF Mwenechifungwe of Mafinga district says President Michael Sata has sold himself well to Zambians. And chief Mwenechifungwe says President Sata should be wary of people surrounding him.

Speaking when PF Mafinga district officials paid a courtesy call on him at his palace on Saturday, chief Mwenechifungwe said President Sata had managed to get the support of many Zambians by initiating developmental projects within a short period of time.

"Even blind men can see that President Sata means business. At first, people were scared that King Cobra will chase all the Chinese, but now things are different. Here he is constructing the road for us. He has also declared Mafinga a district, of which the construction of the civic centre is underway. There are three secondary schools in the area. The clinic is being constructed as I speak," he said.

Chief Mwenechifungwe said Muchinga Province would no longer be a stronghold for the opposition.

"Here in Muchinga Province and in particular Mafinga district, we are praying for President Sata so that he can have good health. We are pleased with what he has done so far. We have a good driver taking us to Canaan. He has sold himself well," he said.

And chief Mwenechifungwe urged President Sata to be careful with the people surrounding him.

"Some of these ministers have selfish interests. They have forgotten about the people who voted for them. There are nly a few of you I have seen to be interested in national development," said chief Mwenechifungwe.

And PF Mafinga district campaign coordinator Jacob Siwale said the opposition should not cheat themselves that they could work to bring about development.

He said the opposition should partner with the government to achieve development.

"The opposition think that they can work alone without involving the government. But that is not possible for this country," said Siwale.

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