Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Cuba has selflessly shared its little resources - Simuchoba
By Moses Kuwema
Tue 11 June 2013, 14:00 CAT

ZAMBIA-Cuba Friendship Association president Sibanze Simuchoba says Cuba has selflessly shared the little resources it has with other needy areas in Africa.

Commenting on the message first Republican president Dr Kenneth Kaunda delivered to revolution leader Fidel Castro on behalf of President Michael Sata in which he recognised and appreciated Cuba's aid to Zambia since independence, Simuchoba said Cuba had invested very wisely in all key areas of which assists human society to advance.

He said Cuba had zeroed in on the wholeness of social well-being.

"They invested in improving knowledge and you find that the beginning is to promote literacy so that people can read and communicate. Their investment in health education has come in to make a difference not only for Cuba but the third world where Cuba has selflessly shared the bit it has with other needy areas in Angola, South Africa," he said.
Simuchoba said Cuba also understood imperialism very well.

"It knows that imperialism is vicious but it has not developed cold feet despite the closeness of the centre of imperialism, the United States. Even with the embargo, they have done better than the third world countries. In terms of Southern Africa, the one big help or contribution Cuba did was their military campaign in Angola," said Simuchoba.

He said although Cuba was not militaristic, it had a strong military because of its cadre of soldiers.

"It has a cadre of soldiers who know what they are in the military for and if they have to go to war, they know what they are fighting for," he said.

While in Cuba last week, Dr Kaunda delivered, through President Raul Castro, President Sata's message to Fidel Castro in which State House recognised and appreciated Cuba's aid to Zambia.

President Sata sought more cooperation with Cuba.

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