Monday, June 17, 2013

(HERALD ZW) Chaos as MDC-T members revolt
Monday, 17 June 2013 00:45
Bulawayo Bureau

PLACARD-waving and slogan-chanting MDC-T members yesterday revolted against the party’s decision to have a re-run of primary elections in Emakhandeni constituency. Ward 10 councillor Prince Dube won the right to represent the party in the National Assembly elections beating seven other candidates in primaries held last month.

However, in what party officials described as “shameless” rigging to install Reverend Useni Sibanda, the party announced that there would be a re-run in the constituency.
A high-powered delegation that included MDC-T legislator for Harare Central, Mr Murisi Zwizwai, and former spokesman for the party’s leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai, Mr James Maridadi, left Emakhandeni Hall in a huff when angry supporters started chanting in protest against the re-run.

The atmosphere was tense when Mr Zwizwai announced the purpose of his mission. Scores of party members, some of whom started gathering outside the venue as early as 10am for the 2pm meeting, shouted that democracy had become a myth in the MDC-T.

MDC-T Bulawayo organising secretary for women Ms Sanelisiwe Sibanda, who was among the candidates that lost to Clr Dube, warned the party that they would lose the seat to Zanu-PF if party leaders insisted on the “madness to have a re-run”.

“How can there be a re-run when all procedures were followed,” she said.

“If you want to lose this seat to Zanu-PF, continue with this madness. If you decide to have a re-run, let us do it quickly. However, everyone should know the reason why there should be one.”

One of the party members stood up and said there should be a re-run because there was massive rigging in the primaries as she had seen a number of voters going into Entumbane Hall through windows to illegally cast their vote.

Pandemonium ensued as other MDC-T members roundly condemned her.
Sensing danger, the delegation led by Mr Zvizwai abandoned its mission and quickly left the venue.

Party members produced placards denouncing Mr Tsvangirai and his deputy Ms Thokozani Khupe.
“Tsvangirai stop this mess. We have been infiltrated,” read one placard.

“Khupe, be careful the people’s will should not be opposed. Useni go back where you came from, we do not want you,” read another placard.

The MDC-T primaries have been riddled with factionalism, allegations of rigging and racism.



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