Monday, June 17, 2013

Lunga DC advises best use of loans from govt
By Prince Chibawah in Mansa
Fri 14 June 2013, 14:00 CAT

LUNGA district commissioner Raphael Kauseni has challenged civil servants to take advantage of long-term loans that the government micro finance bank will be offering to invest in infrastructure development.

The government says it will establish a micro finance bank that will be giving out loans of up to KR50,000 exclusive to civil servants countrywide and currently pilot projects are being implemented in Luapula and North Western Provinces.

In an interview on Wednesday, Kauseni said the bank would give long-term, low-interest loans to government workers to help them construct houses and venture into economic activities.

"There is a wide clientele of government workers out there. This will help our officers build houses and they will have their businesses grow," Kauseni said.

He said because of shortage of government staff houses, many civil servants in the country did not have accommodation.

"This displays how the government is committed to developing Lunga district," Kauseni stated.

"The borrowing figure is up to KR50,000 and the repaying periods range from six months to 48 months. So civil servants would be choosing what suits them," Kauseni explained.

And Kauseni disclosed that seventy-eight civil servants in Lunga district had signed for the loans from the government micro finance bank.

And Kauseni bragged about leading a consortium of disciplined and self-motivated civil servants who were willing to implement all government developmental projects.

"The team of my officers has strongly showed the ability to supplement the efforts of developing the area. That's why the introduction of this particular government micro finance bank will facilitate more infrastructure development in the area," Kauseni added.

Meanwhile, Kauseni urged other senior government officials not to allow civil servants to over-borrow.

"Let me encourage especially district education board secretaries to ensure that our teachers don't over-borrow the money. Let them be checking payslips of every teacher before recommendations are made for the loan," said Kauseni.

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