Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Luo urges chiefs to have village registers
By Wayilinda Phiri in Namwala
Fri 07 June 2013, 14:01 CAT

CHIEFS and traditional affairs minister Professor Nkandu Luo has appealed to chiefs in the country to have village registers.

Speaking in Namwala in Senior Chief Nalubamba's chiefdom when she toured Mbeza and Shikalapu village, Prof Luo who was accompanied by permanent secretary Coillard Chibonta said this was important to have a register of villagers residing in a particular village.

She said chiefs should take village registers seriously because this would enable them know the number of subjects for planning development purposes.

Prof Luo also pointed out that registers also helped in tracing criminals who want to seek refuge in a particular village and this would make the work of the police easier.

She also expressed concern on the rising numbers of people abusing alcohol in various villages around the country.

Prof Luo said her ministry was mapping up a strategy to fight alcohol abuse in villages because it lead to low productivity in the country.
She appealed to chiefs to punish people who spend time drinking beer all day without doing any form of farming.

And Professor Luo commended chief Nalubamba for setting up strategic villages in his chiefdomwhich had earmarked on various projects of self reliance in the chiefdom.

She said the government wanted to bring development to Zambia and that this could only be done by developing villages so that rural-urban migration was stopped because villages would be developed.

Professor Luo also pointed out that previous regimes also made people lazy by programmes of relief food instead of empowering communities with loans for various projects ranging from women empowerment funds to youth empowerment funds so that communities become self-reliant.
The minister later toured Kabanga Community School and Kabanga health post where works have been abandoned.

Prof Luo was also moved by the state of the Kabanga Community School and donated 50 pockets of cement while Chibonta donated a KR4,000 cheque towards the construction of the community initiative school.

And speaking after touring Kabanga Health Post and Kabanga Community School in Nalubamba chiefdom, Chibonta said the ministry would support productive chiefdoms.

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