Monday, June 03, 2013

Nevers accuses PF of forming a militia
By Kombe Chimpinde and Gift Chanda
Mon 03 June 2013, 14:01 CAT

NEVERS Mumba yesterday accused the PF of forming a militia comprising party cadres to sort out those opposed to its policies and governance.

Speaking at a briefing held at his residence in Kabulonga, Mumba challenged the PF to publiclly disband the alleged militia which he said was responsible for the incident that occurred on Friday.

Some members of civil society organisations, opposition political party officials and journalists who gathered at the Bible Gospel Church of Africa to pray against the removal of fuel and maize subsidies, were harassed and beaten by some unknown people.

Mumba said the act was done with the full knowledge of PF officials.
And Mumba said that the PF should consult the MMD over KCM's intention to lay off 2000 workers, because MMD had faced similar problems.
He also advised the government and KCM to dialogue and agree on the way forward stressing that nationalisation of the mines was not the solution.

And the MMD is asking Zambians to help rescue the party from bankruptcy through money donations.

MMD vice-president for political Michael Kaingu said yesterday in an interview that it would be Zambians that would help finance his party.

"We want to find the resources from the people of Zambia. Now that you people have realised that experimenting can be costly, it is important that you beef us up," Kaingu said when asked how his party hoped to raise funds to continue operating. "You people of Zambia must come back to us. We have the formula."

Last month, MMD chairperson for elections Kenneth Chipungu disclosed that the party was struggling to raise money to participate in the forthcoming by-elections.

Earlier, MMD deputy national secretary Chembe Nyangu said his party's sources of funds were drying up.

Nyangu said the financial constraints facing MMD would affect its survival because monthly contributions from members of parliament were not enough to sustain the party's operations.

Meanwhile, Kaingu said Zambians had an opportunity of backing MMD again following the PF's backtrack on campaign promises.

"We are seeing a paradigm shift from what they PF were saying during the election campaigns. They have increased fuel prices, prices of essential commodities have gone up. When they were campaigning they were showing that they were socialists but what we are seeing now is that they have moved away from socialism to capitalism," Kaingu said about the decision by the government to scrap consumption subsidies.

He also said it was regrettable that KCM planned to cut 2,000 jobs at its mine in Chingola.

Kaingu however said it would be disastrous for the government to nationalise the mine.

Kaingu said he did not expect the government to run the mines when it had failed to manage the agriculture sector in the country.

"It is unfortunate however that these 2,000 workers could lose their jobs, but we told them that this government has no capacity to run this economy. These problems at the mine are out of bad policies by the PF government," said Kaingu.

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