Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Transport system in Zambia is working against the poor - Sata
By Moses Kuwema
Tue 25 June 2013, 14:01 CAT

PRESIDENT Michael Sata says the transport system in Zambia works against the poor people.

Speaking at State House yesterday when he swore in Charity Kaande Ngoma as permanent secretary in the ministry of transport and communications, President Sata urged Ngoma to improve the transport situation in the country.

"Coming from the grassroots, I hope you are going to improve transport in this part of the world. Transport in Zambia is very bad for poor people and that is why we removed the fuel subsidy because the rich people were enjoying at the expense of the poor people," said President Sata.
And speaking to journalists later, Ngoma said Zambia's transport system needed to be revamped.
Asked on what her ideas were, Ngoma responded: "First and foremost, the road network and secondly the rail line. It definitely has to be revamped, so that is what I am going to start with, first and foremost."
Ngoma said there was need to put in a lot in the Road Transport and Safety Agency, the organisation she worked for as a traffic inspector for six years.
"I think we have to start with RTSA, we have to put in a lot. We have to look at the enforcement part of RTSA. Once it is up there, then we will be okay. With the project of the roads Link Zambia 8000 and RTSA inspectors being on the roads all the time to monitor transport, we will be home and dry," said Ngoma.
Ngoma said with bus accidents, there was need to carry out a lot of sensitisation programmes with bus drivers.
"There is a lot of alcohol abuse. Most of the bus drivers are not compliant; you find that most of the buses are not roadworthy. We need to establish a stronger link with the bus drivers so that at least we will be there," said Ngoma.


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