Monday, July 08, 2013

Communist Party of China urges caution on West forces
By Roy Habaalu in Beijing, China
Mon 01 July 2013, 14:00 CAT

PF should not allow western forces to divide Zambia, says the Communist Party of China. And PF director for media and publicity Chanda Mfula says the party is aware of five websites sponsored by western countries to cause divisions in Zambia.

Addressing PF delegates on political party publicity and media strategy, director of southern Africa, bureau of African affairs of the international department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) central committee, Zhou Guohui said PF should protect the independence and sovereignty of Zambia.

"Zambia must be independent from all forces. Sugar is good but please keep your sovereignty. In China, we welcome money and investors but never use us as tools to fight our own brothers. Zambia also needs to be independent from outside forces if it's to grow and PF is doing well and must be supported by all Zambians. What they are doing is for the interest and protection of the country but this won't be easy," he said.

Zhou said Zambia should find its own way of growing its political system. He said the country should develop strategies that were acceptable and appreciated by its people.

"Make decisions by yourselves, let Zambians decide. Don't allow anyone to impose anything. The revolution is not over yet. There are a lot of reactionary forces that don't want to see an independent Zambia. You need to do a lot to make people understand that PF is for the people and not capitalists because a capitalist is a friend but not a real friend. PF is ruling and should take charge," said Zhou.

Zhou said opposition parties should collaborate with the PF in order to develop the country.

He said the PF had done well in appointing opposition members of parliament into government positions because it was in the interest of the country.

"Without unity, there cannot be development. All parties need to work together with the party in government to develop the country," said Zhou.

And Mfula, the delegation leader, said the PF would guard against all forms of foreign influence.

He said some western countries had fanned divisions in Zambia.

"For example, we are aware that five websites are funded by western countries to create alarm in the country, to cause panic, denounce and malign the President Michael Sata and the government. These forces are enjoying divisions in the country," said Mfula.

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