Monday, July 08, 2013

MMD must accept its fortunes are dwindling, says Mulongoti
By Kombe Chimpinde
Fri 28 June 2013, 14:00 CAT

MIKE Mulongoti says MMD must accept that its numbers in parliament and political fortunes are dwindling.

In an interview, Mulungoti who is People's Party leader said it was a fact that MMD was seemingly losing grip on its parliamentary seats, something that was not a good sign.

"One thing that cannot be denied is that they have a number of MPs in parliament but that number is dwindling. Now what does that imply if your numbers are dwindling?" Mulongoti asked.

"Nobody wants to fight them over the fact that they have numbers in parliament. Secondly, their numbers are dwindling and that is not a good sign at all."

Mulongoti said MMD was the first party in terms of popularity, before it lost power in 2011 and should not be striving to be the biggest opposition party but to get back in government.

"Those two (UPND, MMD) in the absence of an alliance cannot govern. My approach is the fight to get to number one. If they can't get there individually, let them fight as a group, unless they have too much resources to waste. You don't throw your resources around in such a manner, in the hope that people must know you are present. You mean people can only recognise your presence through a by-election?"

Mulongoti said that political parties were built by branches and the grassroots.

Mulongoti said that the behaviour of the two political parties was making it difficult for other minor parties.

"We should support if they can also accept between them or whoever, they should share because they are not giving us an opportunity to support them (MMD, UPND)," he said.

"If you have five opposition political parties contesting in a constituency, it is difficult because you don't know who to support. If they can organise themselves in such a way that out of the coming four by-elections, where MMD takes two, UPND take two. It is easy for us to support them but with the current arrangement, it becomes very difficult and as long as they remain in that form it will be difficult for them to win seats."

On Tuesday, MMD leader Nevers Mumba said MMD was still the largest and strongest opposition political party in the country despite losing its seats to PF.

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