Monday, July 22, 2013

Opposition have failed to offer proper checks and balances - Fr Mwewa
By Abigail Chaponda in Ndola
Mon 08 July 2013, 14:00 CAT

FATHER Augustine Mwewa says the MMD and UPND have selfish leaders who would take dangerous routes to get to State House.

But UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema said Fr Mwewa was a PF cadre while MMD's Nevers Mumba said he did not know Fr Mwewa and would therefore not comment.

Fr Mwewa, who is currently a student in Kenya, said the current crop of opposition parties in Zambia was an embarrassment to democracy because they had failed to offer proper checks and balances and were merely there for selfish reasons.

Fr Mwewa said Zambia needed a strong opposition like the way the PF was because without the opposition, democracy was meaningless in the country.

He said the current crop of opposition parties in the country was nothing to talk about because they lacked consistency.

"Opposition parties in this country are causing great wounds to our democracy. They are a shame and an embarrassment to democracy. They don't offer proper checks and balances. Their role is to attack the PF government whether they have done good or bad. We have no opposition in this country and we are slowly killing democracy if nothing is done. MMD is not going anywhere. UPND can't rule because the party doesn't know its role in this country. We hope we can have an opposition soon because the biggest opposition party (MMD) in the country is going down whether we like it or not," he said.

Fr Mwewa said Evelyn Mwanawasa's decision to withdraw from the Kafulafuta by-election race was a clear indication that the MMD was headed for political destruction.

Fr Mwewa said Mumba had destroyed the MMD because of being egocentric.

"Nevers is a proud person and proud people never go anywhere. He should remember that pride brought down Satan. Nevers is full of himself and he should come down. What kind of a leader is he if he can't listen to people? He should acknowledge if he is wrong so that people can help him. At the rate he is going, he will not go anywhere. Nevers and the MMD need help and the only way to help them is for them to admit that they need help," he said.

Fr Mwewa said Mumba had ruined the MMD and that it was impossible for the former ruling party to bounce back to power under his leadership.
He said Mumba's only goal was to become Republican president no matter the circumstances.

"Zambians can't trust the MMD because the party is being led by a pretender. The treasurer of the party tells the nation that the party doesn't have money. Nevers Mumba says the party has money. Mumba should face reality. From the word go, I said it and I will say it again, Nevers Mumba is not a good leader for the MMD party. The party needs Felix Mutati and once Mutati is on board, the other MMD faction will reconcile and rebuild the party that started democracy in our country," said Fr Mwewa.

When contacted for comment, Mumba said he did not know Fr Mwewa.
Fr Mwewa is former Catholic Diocese of Ndola treasurer general.

"I don't know who that is and I will not respond to whatever he said. That is below us," said Mumba.

But Hichilema said Fr Mwewa was a PF cadre.
He said Fr Mwewa should not be fooling himself because UPND was providing genuine checks and balances under a dictatorship government.

"Run this story so that people can see father's foolishness. He is just a PF cadre…Where was he when MMD president Nerves Mumba was beaten and harassed? Where was he when I was beaten, harassed and accused of murder? He must be concerned about the dictatorship that is going on in this country," he said.

Hichilema said Fr Mwewa should not turn his anger on UPND.
He wondered what sort of Bible Fr Mwewa reads, adding that he was a fake priest who wore priestly robs but was a mere PF cadre.

"Who knows that same pastor, or priest? Whatever his name is, or you tell me ten times, I will not know it. Who does he care about? He doesn't pay me a penny for offering checks and balances. He is a wolf in sheep's clothing," charged Hichilema.

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