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(TALKZIMBABWE) EU Parliament critical of Tsvangirai
This article was written by Our reporter on 26 June, at 05 : 26 AM

The following are extracts from a policy document by the European Union Parliament’s Directorate-General for External Policies. The bloc is very critical of the MDC party led by Morgan Tsvangirai and says that it is willing to work with any government that wins the forthcoming elections.

“The MDC … has tried to capitalise on public discontent, presenting itself as the energetic alternative to … ZANU-PF elite. This has led Tsvangirai to emerge victorious from the first round of elections in 2008, although the subsequent crisis eventually forced him to withdraw his candidacy. The MDC enjoys backing from many foreign actors in the region and from overseas.

“Yet the party also faces numerous problems. First, its reputation has suffered critical blows from a range of personal lapses by its leader: numerous sexual adventures of 61 year-old Tsvangirai, including the pregnancy of a 23-year old woman and his denial of paternity; reports of growing corruption and financial mismanagement within the MDC headquarters; and Tsvangirai’s refusal to accept criticism of his increasingly centralised leadership style.

“What is more, the MDC’s participation in government for more than four years — although in a weak position — renders it increasingly difficult to argue that it could bring about a radical turn for the better. Disenchanted with the party’s inability to trigger decisive change, many young urbanites — previously the MDC’s most devoted supporters — have stopped attending the party’s once-overcrowded rallies and have sought other arenas to voice their discontent.

“Evidence that MDC youth groups have engaged in violent campaigns has further undermined the party’s credibility.

“The political outlook, as a result, has changed drastically. Recent surveys suggest that ZANU-PF by now attracts more public support than the MDC, a total turnaround from 2008/2009. The MDC may yet regain control by forming a coalition with a third party. Yet Tsvangirai’s chances of finding a suitable partner appear meagre, since he broke ties with a smaller MDC faction led by Welshman Ncube, and other promising parties are lacking.

International stakeholders: Proceeding with caution and altering political goals?

“… foreign actors need to be aware of the high degree of suspicion prevalent in Zimbabwe. The international community should act with great care to avoid unintentionally causing a counterproductive backlash.
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