Tuesday, July 30, 2013

UPND planning to kill me - Miyutu
By Roy Habaalu
Mon 15 July 2013, 14:00 CAT

KALABO Central member of parliament Chinga Miyutu says UPND is after his life.

Commenting on the party's decision to summon him and his Sinjembela counterpart Poniso Njeulu to appear before its disciplinary committee to answer allegations that he was causing divisions in the party and disrespectful to village headmen, Miyutu, who is sports deputy minister, said he was ready to expose UPND's schemes.

"That letter implies that those (UPND) people can kill me and I will tell them. Those people are targeting to kill me. All those allegations are lies; nothing like that happened. Those people can kill me; that's what I will tell them when I appear before them. I will go with people from Kalabo so that they confess the truth," Miyutu said in an interview.

Miyutu said from the time UPND began suspending its members serving in government, people had questioned their motive and style of management.

"I don't know what they are up to but it's clear they are aiming at my life. That's why they have come up with all these liesā€¦because of their hatred, they have suspended all party officials who have not seen anything wrong in my appointment," Miyutu said.

Miyutu said there were people discrediting him because they thought he was too poor to become a member of parliament.

"If I knew politics was like this, I wouldn't have wasted my time to go into it. Now things are surfacing, lies and hatred. It's just that I am a poor man but I will find a lawyer and this case will be in court. I am in Kitwe now but after the COSAFA tournament, I will ask for permission from His Excellency the President to attend to their allegations," Miyutu said.

The UPND has summoned its members of parliament serving in government for disciplinary hearings.

According to a letter dated July 3, 2013 copied to party secretary general Winston Chibwe, UPND Western Province secretary Sishwashwa Mbinji said he had summoned Miyutu and Njeulu to appear before the disciplinary committee within 14 days to exculpate themselves against allegations levelled against them.

Mbinji said the provincial team that toured Kalabo district discovered that Miyutu used abusive language to both party members and the public.

"That you often referred to party officials that their reasoning is no different to that of your petty dog. In another evidence, you described the behaviour of some village headmen at Yuka as being like that of mating dogs," read the letter.

"That at one of your public meetings at Ndoka, you instructed two ward councillors who appeared at the meeting dressed in the UPND attire that they should remove their dress or leave the meeting and that they should never again appear dressed in party attire at any of your meetings in futureā€¦"

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