Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Education system needs makeover - Katuta
By Fridah Nkonde
Thu 01 Aug. 2013, 14:00 CAT

YOUTH Vision Zambia director of programmes Chilambe Katuta says it is difficult for young people to have an entrepreneurial spirit if they are not guided.

Commenting on United Church of Zambia's Resurrection congregation minister in-charge Reverend Mwimba Chikalipa's statement that many youths fail to live independent lives after school because they are taught that they are being educated in order to get employed and not to earn a living, Katuta in an interview yesterday said the education system in Zambia needed a complete makeover.

Delivering his sermon on Sunday, Rev Chikalipa said teachers were to blame for teaching pupils that they go to school in order to get employed.

"In as much it is true that young people are not being taught how to earn a living, it is important not to blame anyone as to why young people are not learning to earn a living. We must understand that our education system needs a complete makeover," Katuta said.

He said it was clear that Zambia had a weak education curriculum system which led to most young people having complete skills mismatch when they finished school.

"On the aspect of young people not having an entrepreneurial spirit despite Zambia having a number of policies such as the youth empowerment policy, it all comes back to the issue of having a strong curriculum that will make young people become businessmen and women and not really looking to government as a main source of employment," he said.

He said there was need to strengthen the curriculum system to include issues such as skills development for the young people to learn how to earn a living.

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