Monday, August 05, 2013

MMD should continuously apologise to Zambians - Bwalya
By Moses Kuwema
Sat 20 July 2013, 14:01 CAT

THE Alliance for Better Zambia leader Frank Bwalya says the MMD should continuously apologise to the Zambian people for the mess in which the country still finds itself.

Bwalya said the MMD had left the country in a lot of mess, for which Zambians were now investing a lot of time and resources to correct.

"The best thing they MMD can do is to continue apologising to the Zambian people for the mess they created, the mess that we are still faced with, the mess that a lot of Zambians now are investing a lot of time and money to correct," said Bwalya.

Bwalya said MMD leaders or members of parliament had no moral right, for instance, to point fingers at the PF on the NGO Act.
He urged Zambians not to allow anyone to trick them as if they were fools or devoid of memory.

"There are a lot of issues which are coming up in the country which certain known people created and now the same people are turning round condemning other people for the same problems that they created themselves. An example is the NGO Act of 2009. This act was initiated by the MMD government, and I am very surprised that certain members of parliament, who were in that government and are in Parliament today, can have the audacity to condemn the PF government for a wrong that they initiated themselves but only failed to implement it because we opposed them at that time," said Bwalya.

He said if the MMD had listened to the people at that time and changed the NGO Act, the current debate surrounding the Act would not be there today.

"But because they refused to listen, this debate has continued. We are challenging them to just keep quiet. Let the people who have been consistent in opposing the NGO Act, especially the NGOs themselves, be the ones to engage the government over this issue. There are even some civil society organisations that supported the NGO Act of 2009 in its current form. Some of them are now saying no! The PF government wants to trample on NGOs," he said.

Bwalya, however, said his party does not support the Act and wants it repealed.

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