Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Mwale leaves MMD for UPND
By Moses Kuwema and Christopher Miti
Tue 30 July 2013, 14:01 CAT

FORMER Malambo constituency member of parliament Maxwell Mwale has defected to the UPND from the MMD. And UPND vice-president Dr Canicius Banda has called on Zambians to rise and protest against the PF government now instead of waiting for 2016.

Mwale said he had joined UPND because he was part of a new generation of politicians from Eastern Province who were able to see the future that UPND would form the next government.

"I subscribe to UPND manifesto because it's the one that will develop this country. I have resigned with all the wards in Malambo Constituency," he said at the UPND secretariat, where he was introduced.

In his resignation letter addressed to MMD president Nevers Mumba, Mwale stated that he had resigned due to pressing personal commitments.

"The many personal commitments have left me with no choice but to move on, on this political journey. May I put on record my indebtedness to the party on whose platform I was accorded an opportunity to serve in government and NEC to the best of my ability. I am equally thankful to have had an opportunity to serve under your leadership," read Mwale's letter of resignation.

Meanwhile, MMD Eastern Province chairperson Alexander Miti said Mwale was inciting people in the area to defect to UPND with him.

"All I can say for now is that this is a very sad development because honourable Maxwell Mwale, as a man of his status, should clearly indicate to MMD what his position really is. If he can't officially communicate with the MMD what his intentions are, we are wondering what exactly he is up to," Miti said.

He said Mwale had been a senior member of the MMD and that he even got the position of chairman for mines.

"He (Mwale) is one person who has enjoyed a lot of respect in the party. As provincial chairman, I have not received any official communication on the move by honourable Maxwell Mwale ditching MMD but I am aware of the activities going on in Malambo, where I have heard that he is going round in the constituency, trying to urge people to join UPND with him," Miti said.

Last week, Mambwe district MMD chairperson Zephaniah Kaleya warned that Mwale would be bruised if he continued to champion the UPND cause with former labour minister Austin Liato in the district.

And Dr Banda, briefing the press, alleged that the PF had betrayed Zambians.

"We the people must rise and protest, we must not wait for 2016. Every youth must protest and say we need jobs," he said.

Dr Banda said the UPND was the only party that had grown in terms of numbers of members in the National Assembly.

He claimed that the UPND would form government and that those who were thinking that this would happen in 2016 would be shocked as the party was likely to form government earlier than 2016.

And commenting on the shortage of anti-retrovirals drugs in health centres, Dr Banda said the country's national response to HIV was in danger of collapsing because of the PF.

Meanwhile, newly elected Solwezi East member of parliament Villie Lombanya said the PF's arrogance was getting out of hand.

Lombanya said PF were behaving as though they were the alpha and omega.

"They should realise that this country once had the mighty UNIP and MMD; where are they?" asked Lombanya.

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