Thursday, August 01, 2013

Phiri accuses 'myterious group' in Chipata of violence
By Christopher Miti in Chipata
Wed 17 July 2013, 14:00 CAT

CHIPATA Central MMD candidate Reuben Mtolo Phiri says there is a mysterious group of supporters that put on his party's regalia when engaging in violent activities so that they portray a picture that his party is violent. Featuring on a special Electoral Commission of Zambia programme yesterday, Phiri alleged that the violent group was from Lusaka. He said there was no need to bring people from Lusaka to Chipata.

"There is no need for us to bring people from Lusaka and from other areas to come and cause confusion in our town. I am urging all political parties to desist from this because this can become a source for violence. Those people we bring in our town have no regards for this town. When you bring people from outside they have no emotional attachment to the properties and they will just come and destroy our properties and go back to their towns," Phiri said.

He urged the electorate not to exchange their voters cards with chitenge material. Phiri said the electorate should report the people who ask for voters cards to the police. He urged the people of Chipata to ensure they vote in the by-election slated for July 25.

"We have over 50,000 voters here but last time (in 2011) about 26, 000 voted. Please let us go and vote so that the person you want can be taken back to Parliament. Your anger is not enough, exhibit it through a vote; your sorrow is not enough exhibit it through a vote. That is my plea to the people of Chipata," Phiri said.

Apart from Phiri, other candidates contesting the seat are PF's Lameck Mangani, UNIP's Elina Nyirenda, Narep's Kazembe Daka and Jean Nkunika an independent candidate.

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