Friday, August 16, 2013

By Allan Mulenga
Sun 28 July 2013, 14:00 CAT

PF's POOR performance in the by-elections is sign that some members have gone to sleep, says the party's Lusaka Province chairperson Geoffrey Chuumbwe.

And Chuumbwe yesterday threatened to dissolve the PF district executive committee if members fail to resolve internal wrangles. Addressing PF officials in Chilanga, Chuumbwe said it was painful as a ruling party to lose seats to the opposition.

"Maybe it doesn't pain you to see us lose elections and we are the ruling party. I was in MMD and the party started losing popularity after seven years. Now you guys, you are losing popularity under two years. Can't that come to your head and say what is the problem?" he said.

"The problem is that some people think that they have already reached after winning election in 2011. It seems everyone has gone to sleep not knowing that after winning 2011 election that is why the work should start."

Chuumbwe said the ruling party was supposed to constantly be on the defensive.

"In politics my dear brothers and sisters, it is tough and difficult when you are in the ruling party because you are defending. In opposition you are supposed to attack, and you can do anything and get away with it. But now we have to defend. Everything that we do as a party, people are watching us. We are the party in power, meaning that we are the people who are taking care of UPND, MMD and other political parties," he said.

And Chuumbwe said he would have no option but to dissolve the Chilanga PF district executive committee if the squabbles were not resolved.

"All these opposition parties are looking on us. Now if you are disorganised yourselves, then there will be chaos in the country. If you guys are united and working together, then the country will be united and work together. This government which is here today comes from us. We are the people who are supposed to be the light of government," he said.

"Tell me if in Chilanga today there is light, there is no light, you understand. Maybe you it doesn't pain you. It pains me a lot to see us losing a seat like Kafulafuta, for instance. It is really painful."
Chuumbwe urged PF members in Chilanga to be united and mobilise new members in the party.
"That is why you see that in Lusaka Province, when we have any by-election, even a ward election; we have had so many ward elections in Lusaka…we can boast that we have won everything because we don't play games. We can fight somewhere else, but when we are seriously doing party work, we are very serious," he said.

Chuumbwe advised district officials to put their differences aside and work for the party.

"I can assure you that we all have differences. We are not angels but we are human beings. Where you find people there are differences, but party work must be respected. Meaning that whether you like it or not, all of us here are working for the PF and President Michael Sata. If you are fighting amongst yourselves, you are anti-PF and anti-Michael Sata, that is all," said Chuumbwe.

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