Monday, August 05, 2013

Slap charges on Nevers, Kachingwe urges MMD
By Allan Mulenga
Thu 18 July 2013, 14:01 CAT

NEVERS Mumba has caused collateral damage to MMD, says Major Richard Kachingwe.

Commenting by MMD vice-presidents Michael Kaingu and Dr Brian Chituwo, chairman Kabinga Pande, and national secretary Kapembwa Simbao's decision to summon Mumba for an emergency meeting over the party's performance, Maj Kachingwe said it would require good managerial skills to resuscitate the party.

The quartet summoned Mumba on Friday to discuss the party's loss of parliamentary seats and Mumba's style of leadership.

Maj Kachingwe, who was expelled as the party's national secretary by Mumba for invalidating his position as party president last year, said what the senior MMD leaders were doing was "quite late".

"They should have realised at that time that the man meant no good. He Mumba has done collateral damage to the party that it will require a lot of extra skills to resuscitate the party to where he had taken the party," he said.

Maj Kachingwe urged MMD top leadership to slap charges on Mumba.

"If there was any charge in the penal code, the party is supposed to take him Mumba to court. The longer Mumba stays, the more damage he causes to the party. They are realising too late. This man has no plan for the party, but now he has caused so much damage to the party," he said.

"He Mumba is supposed to be charged for destroying the party before he goes. He came in as an infiltrator and he has destroyed the party. He should be held responsible of what has happened to the party."

Maj Kachingwe said party leadership had no option but to hound him out of the party.

"One more day of Mumba in the party, MMD will melt down. They should have been aware but it is sad that they are realising now. Okay, it is better than never; they have to get rid of Nevers Mumba. Otherwise the party will just go down," said Maj Kachingwe.

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