Sunday, September 01, 2013

FRA depots in Chilubi run out of grain bags
By Ernest Mwape
Wed 07 Aug. 2013, 14:00 CAT

FRA satellite depots on the mainland in Chilubi district have run out of empty grain bags.

Chifwenge ward councillor Alfred Chileshe said the bags ran out a week ago and farmers were panicking that their maize might not be bought. Chileshe named the badly hit satellite depots as Matipa, Shitimali and Chaba in Chief Chiwanangala's area.

He said the three satellite depots had received 3,700 empty bags, but small-scale farmers had collected everything almost at once, leaving other farmers with none.

Chileshe appealed to Food Reserve Agency officials in Luwingu and Kasama to deliver more empty grain bags to Chilubi, adding that most farmers were still in need of bags.

He disclosed that the three depots require at least 2,000 empty bags each because several farmers had not yet completed shelling and taking maize to various depots.

Meanwhile, members of the Kapompo co-operative have called on FRA to consider buying rice from them because Chilubi district had no market where they could sell the commodity.

One of the rice growers on the mainland, Lambe Mukwila who is also a member of the co-operative, said they had 18 metric tonnes and no market readily available for their commodity.

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