Thursday, September 12, 2013

GBM dividing PF - Zulu
By Roy Habaalu
Sat 24 Aug. 2013, 14:00 CAT

FORMER Copperbelt youth chairman Menyani Zulu says the Patriotic Front will not allow Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba to divide the party and will have no option but to throw him out.

Reacting to Mwamba's recent categorisation of some PF members as riffraffs, Zulu said the defence minister should be flushed out of the party for insubordination.

Zulu said Mwamba's agenda of dividing the party was no longer a secret.
He said Mwamba had a political history of using money to buy support, a method that had failed.

"GBM should tell us who he's referring to and the people he's fighting. We know what he wants; he wants to divide the party. He's hiding something and those cheating him will be chucked out of the party with him," Zulu said.

"It's too much and we will have no option but throw him out of the party; we won't allow him to divide our members.

If he's man enough and a minister of defence worth his salt, let him mention the riffraffs he's referring to. If he fails, then he is a liar and a coward," he said.

Zulu said Mwamba had no right to claim he loved President Michael Sata more than those that suffered with him when he (Mwamba) was dining with the MMD.

He said Mwamba was desperate now after realising that he had overrated his popularity. Zulu said Mwamba should not think the party leadership was ignorant when it kept quiet on his outbursts.

"This is the man who was dining with a corrupt regime, a regime that had no respect for its people. When we were crossing this country with President Sata, he remained in the comfort of the corrupt and today he should preach to us about love for President Sata! The people that love the President are known and he (President) knows them well. Those people he's calling riffraff are appointed by the President and (Mwamba) calls them riffraffs, where is the love for the President? You call his appointees riffraffs and claim your love for him! It doesn't make sense. Something must be wrong with that man," he said.

Zulu said President Sata was an institution that could not be duped by lip-service.

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