Thursday, September 12, 2013

Maureen counsels opposition leaders
By Roy Habaalu
Tue 27 Aug. 2013, 14:01 CAT

MAUREEN Mwanawasa says opposition political parties must respect the government and party in power. Appearing on Muvi Television's The Assignment programme on Sunday, Maureen said the opposition and Zambians in general should respect and support the government in its programmes.

She said the opposition should realise that President Michael Sata was in charge of the country and should be supported.

"President Michael Sata is our President now, and regardless of our political affiliation, he needs to be supported and respected. We need to see the proper role of the opposition being played by all opposition parties. Their role should be clear, without disturbing the governance of the country," she said.

Maureen said the opposition must be respectful of the party in government because their wish was to be in power, and they would then equally need to be respected.

"The party in government works to take the country forward, so when we criticise, we must be constructive and not destructive because there are a few people in political parties compared to the majority Zambians seeking basic necessities. We need ideas from the opposition for the benefit of the majority, not a few individuals, so the role of the opposition must be specific so that the party in power take this country forward," she said.

Maureen said she would like to see a united opposition that is supportive of the government of the day.

On corruption, Maureen said the vice took away public resources that should benefit the poor.

"Corruption takes away money meant for road construction and creation of employment, and if it's not curtailed, public resources will end up in the hands and pockets of a few people. The national cake must be shared equally, and every leader has a responsibility to ensure that public resources benefit all," said Maureen.

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