Wednesday, October 09, 2013

'It's time HH faced reality'
By Abel Mboozi and Moses Kuwema
Thu 19 Sep. 2013, 14:01 CAT

UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema acts as an economic saboteur rather than somebody providing checks and balances to the government, says President Michael Sata.

Meanwhile, Hichilema says President Sata is trying to decapitate his freedom but that he is not worried because he has not committed any crime.

President Sata said Hichilema's claims of government failure and intimidation were nothing but his trademark of irresponsible and unpatriotic utterances.

In a statement issued by his special assistant for press and public relations George Chellah yesterday, President Sata said: "In all intent and purpose, he sounds and acts like an economic saboteur than somebody who is providing checks and balances."

President Sata said the UPND leader was too pre-occupied with elections to contribute meaningfully to the development of the country.

"No doubt, the bright prospect of a better Zambia on the horizon, which is emboldened by robust infrastructure growth, economic recovery and general improvement in people's livelihoods, has caged him in perpetual resentment and anger," President Sata said.

The head of state added: "It's time he faced reality and started talking about development and other unprecedented progressive reforms happening. Let him realise that his 'failed promises' hymn has passed its shelf-line."

Hichilema on Wednesday said the insinuation by President Sata that he planned to engage in activities that would disrupt production in two Copperbelt towns was mere intimidation because the President had failed to run Zambia in a formidable manner.

The UPND leader said President Sata should have revealed the two towns instead of issuing "baseless" threats.

"I don't understand why he President Sata likes venting his anger on HH, when it is clear that he has failed the Zambian people through lack of jobs; no money in their pockets; vaccinations are in short supply," he said.

Meanwhile, speaking on a UK-based Crossfire radio blog on Tuesday evening, Hichilema said President Sata was under pressure to deliver and was now seeking the help of his ministers.

He said the head of state made reckless commitments towards the 2011 general elections and very few of those promises had been fulfilled.

"UPND is a true opposition and our job is to remind the PF on the promises they made. So the pressure is on Mr Sata and he sees HH as one who reminds him consistently of his failures and therefore is uncomfortable and he continues to digress from national issues and is talking about Hakainde," Hichilema said.

He said President Sata must be grateful to the UPND for their constant reminders to his government of their promises.

Hichilema said calls by President Sata for ministers to be talking were an admission that the President had failed to address the problems faced by the people.

And responding to a question from a caller from South Africa identified as Hope Nyambe, who wanted to know if Hichilema was not worried for his personal security in view of the revelations by President Sata that the Intelligence had infiltrated the opposition political party, Hichilema said he was very much aware of the threats against him from President Sata.

"I am aware of the threats from President Sata, he has been threatening me for a long time. Mr Sata has been working round the clock to seize my assets. He is trying to decapitate my freedom but I am not worried because I have not committed any crime," Hichilema said.

He said all that President Sata had been doing since he came into power was threaten individuals whom he thought were a threat.

"My personal security is at risk but I am at peace with myself," said Hichilema.

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