Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Nevers, Cosmo differ over Sata
By Allan Mulenga
Fri 20 Sep. 2013, 14:01 CAT

MMD president Nevers Mumba says President Michael Sata is a king of confusion and that he is a failed president in State House. But Cosmo Mumba, accused Mumba of defaming President Sata.

Featuring on Joy FM's The Platform programme yesterday morning, Mumba said the head of state had build a throne, not in righteousness, but based on lies. He said the problems in PF were a result of lies.

"The next description is a true reflection; he President Sata is the king of confusion. Even the confusion that is in PF, he is at the centre of that confusion. As long as Mr Sata is there, that confusion will not end. He goes to GBM and tells him 'Iwe GBM, kabiye nomba ku Kasama ubebe ati 2016 ni Michael Sata, pakuti twishibe uyo uletulwisha mu party yesu (Go to Kasama and tell the people that in 2016, it's Michael Sata so that we know who our enermies in the party are). So GBM goes to Kasama and says we will endorse Mr Sata and people begin to get happy. Some of the senior members of the party fall in the trap, not knowing that bashi Chilufya bene ebatumine GBM pakuti beshibe who is the one who is against him. So when the others rise up to oppose, he says 'now we know Wynter Kabimba is the one who is against us, this minister is against us… and then he goes to Kabimba and tells him to hold a press conference to fire those who are pushing for endorsement, then he goes back to GBM at kabiye uchite (go and) organise ama buses uye ume (go and beat up) Kabimba so that he doesn't have the press conference. The whole description of Mr Sata is he thrives in confusion; that is why we are seeing confusion in the economic sector, we are seeing confusion in royal establishments... We have to stop this," he said.

Asked if he had proof that President Sata was behind the endorsements, Mumba said if the head of state did not like it, he would have stopped it on the first day it started.

Mumba said President Sata was behind the confusion in MMD during the third term debate, by telling Frederick Chiluba he was the only man and going to the other group and telling them they had to stop Chiluba at all costs.

"If he didn't want endorsement, he talks with GBM evferyday, if he knew it was wrong he could have told him; he wants this confusion because he thrives in confusion. Ukwabula confusion ba Sata teti bateke (without confusion, President Sata cannot rule).

Mumba also said President Sata was feeling pressure from the opposition.

"To say that there is no opposition in the country is an admission by the President that he is failing. But I wish to remind him that he has read it wrong. Firstly, he thinks that the opposition is weak because of the way he is himself. The approach of the opposition is factual and issue based; his President Sata's opposition was very basic, from the streets," he said.

"He talked about the tie that the late president Mwanawasa would wear, he talked about how bad the jacket was; he talked about his sickness and the way he articulated things. He never used to deal with issues, he was talking about anything to attract the attention of the Zambian people and to make them laugh. Him it was a comedy; it was just a situation where he wanted to make people laugh."

Mumba said it was shameful that President Sata could boast of being a good opposition leader.

"We have refused that kind of politics. We want to talk about the policies that are failing. Mr Sata is experiencing Intelligent opposition; our pressure on him is on issues that we want him to intelligently answer," he said.

Mumba claimed that President Sata did not understand the opposition.

"The Zambians always heard his comedy, his jokes and now the Zambians know that the President had no content. The jokes he had then is all he has in the presidency. We have ended up with the President who doesn't have substance; who doesn't have any policy; who doesn't have any idea of governing the country, but just a joker. Who looks for comedy to cover up his inadequacy; his inability to comprehend economics and even international relations matters. He cannot say that there is no opposition," he said.

Mumba accused President Sata of stifling the opposition in the country.

"His intention is to stretch the use of public order Act. We have not been able to address the Zambian people on issues that the PF is manipulating and also sending the police on the opposition to arrest us when we start to raise issues that are wrong with government. He feels that he has scored because he has stifled our freedoms of speech, freedoms of assembly, freedom of association," he said.

"It is nice that we are not as he was. When we had an opportunity to govern as MMD, we gave him an opportunity to hold rallies; his rallies even went on on the weekends. His rallies were reported on ZNBC; they were reported in The Post; they were reported in other media."

Mumba said President Sata had proved to be a failed President in State House.

"He is a failed President because he has proved to be an absentee President who does not talk to the people who voted for him. He has converted State House into what we call in Bemba 'ulupako' or 'ubwendo', where he hides himself. Ulupako is the hole in a tree where somebody hides and ubwendo is the hole in the ground. And nobody really knows what he does in State House," he said.

"He doesn't tour the nation to be able to interact with the people that voted for him; he has never had a press conference to answer difficult questions that Zambians want answers and for him to be put on the spot to count for what he has done and he has not done."

And Mumba accused President Sata of suffering from dementia.

"The President might be suffering dementia because one, he talks about the opposition being vicious with him, and the following day he says there is no opposition. We are not going to be arguing anymore whether the opposition is there or not. Because of the pain, hunger and unemployment, the Zambian people themselves have become the opposition.
Mumba said President Sata was a misfit in State House.

"He has given us absolutely no clear agenda of what he intends to do. He is a failed President, a misfit in State House. The Bible is very clear; it says that 'you shall know them by their fruits'," he said.

Mumba said President Sata was a violent man who thrived on lies.

"He has behind him the issue of Chawama where he was the ringleader of hacking, injuring and maiming Zambians with pangas. That is the man that is President today and that is his character. Violence to him it is his bread in the morning and in the evening. He deals with violence, that is why you have seen violence in the by-elections. He has instructed the police that when there is violence, arrest the opposition, but don't touch the ruling party. We are dealing with HH who was attacked in Kasama... this is totally uncalled for," Mumba said.

"...secondly, Mr Sata has proved to this nation that he is nothing but a liar. His second name is Mr Liar. Everything that he has promised the Zambian people he doesn't do it. He lies in the morning, he lies at lunch time; he lies before going to sleep. He can't argue with this; his middle name is liar. He lied his way to State House. He needs to address the people through the media because he knows that what he promised the people he has not fulfilled."

But Cosmo who also booked a slot to respond to Mumba's statements said the opposition leader was insulting to the head of state.

"That statement is defamation of the President's character…Because how did he say the President spoke tavern language? Was Dr Nevers Mumba in the right state?" he said.

Cosmo said Mumba's language could not be tolerated.

"And I accuse him of being drunk," Cosmo said.

On Mumba's statement that President Sata was a king of confusion, Cosmo said the opposition MMD leader was defaming the character of the President.

"Is there confusion in this country? He should prove it. He should prove President Michael Sata's confusion," he said.

"If president Nevers Mumba says President Michael Sata is a joker, it pains me because I am one of the people who contributed my vote for President Sata to be President."

Cosmo also said James Lukuku went on radio saying he (Cosmo) had collected K15 million from Rupiah Banda to endorse his candidature in 2008.
He said it was true the money was released but it went to Nevers Mumba.

"There are two Mumbas, there is Dr Mumba and Dr Mumba and the one who arrived there first was Dr Nevers Mumba and he was given that envelope…The one whose name is dented over that K15 million is me. Nevers has even gone round radio stations saying I am not his brother. I don't mind, I don't even care because Nevers Mumba's father is the immediate young brother to my father, and he is supposed to be my brother, but I don't admire him."

Cosmo said Mumba would never be president of Zambia. He accused Mumba of failing to run Victory Ministries, Shalom School and his own house. He said President Sata must be assisted to deliver development.

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