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(NEWZIMBABWE) Mugabe still annoyed at West poll snub
15/09/2013 00:00:00
by Staff Reporter

COMMENT - Just more proof that when it comes to Africa, the American government is worth dirt. - MrK

PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe again vented his frustration at Western countries for refusing to accept his victory in the July 31 vote at the weekend and dismissed critics of his re-election as “unprincipled and dishonest”.

Mugabe was elected for another five-year term with a landslide majority but his rivals rejected the vote as fraudulent although observers from the African Union and the regional SADC groping endorsed the vote.

Western countries, which maintain sanctions against the country, had indicated they would go by the verdict of the AU and SADC after being barred from observing the vote by Mugabe, but they have backed opposition claims that the election was not credible.

Speaking during an army shooting competition at Cleveland Range in Harare on Sunday, the veteran leader said: “The electoral process and the election outcome have been endorsed by SADC, Comesa, the African Union and observer missions from Latin America, the Middle East and Asia.

“(But) it is abundantly clear that the imperialists will not accept an election in which we emerge victorious. The Anglo-Saxon world has failed to live up to their promise that they would respect the findings of the Sadc and AU election observers.

“This shows how unprincipled our detractors can be, when they fail to even abide by the positions they themselves will have publicly promised to take. I am, however, proud that we, as Zimbabweans, know their wayward thinking, which we have learnt to live with for close to a decade-and-a-half now.”

Mugabe said the West 's refusal to accept his re-election proved his oft-repeated claim that Britain was still keen to recolonize the country.

“Despite the fact that these elections were peaceful, free, fair and credible, we have witnessed a concerted effort by the Anglo-Saxon world, led by Britain and the United States, to discredit them,” he said.

“This should serve as a reminder that the enemy we engaged yesteryear as we fought for our independence and economic self-determination continues to pursue illegal regime change against our country.

Mugabe and his Zanu PF party want sanctions imposed about a decade ago by the West over allegations of rights abuses and electoral fraud removed, blaming them for the country’s economic problems.

The European Union (EU) had suspended its sanctions in the lead-up to the elections, offering to completely remove them on condition the country organises “free and fair” elections.

But after expressing reservations over vote, the 28-nation group is now unlikely to lift the measures while the US has already ruled out a review in the immediate term.

New finance minister, Patrick Chinamasa has however, said the government would increase ties with friendly countries like China to develop the country’s struggling economy.

"Because the doors have been closed by those who used to be our traditional partners, we have to intensify new economic relationships and friendships. That means every country that is friendly to Zimbabwe, including China," Chinamasa said after his appointment last week.


ZANU Panyanga

These sanctions don't affect Mugabe but the people of Zim. He is fighting the sanction not because they have an effect on him personally but on his people the nation of Zimbabwe. I will vote for him than someone who invites sanctions which bring untold suffering on the people because of selfishness. We will never vote for such no matter what. We have endured these sanction for over a decade already so we are now better prepared for them. Here Mugabe is not begging the west to remove the sanctions as the headline suggest but he is just exposing the werst for liars they are. Tsvangirai and MDC will never rule in Zimbabwe so you are very free to keep dreaming. We need a good opposition in Zimbabwe which can keep things in check in government. An opposition which is for the betterment of Zimbabwe and its people not these selfish sellout pupperts who can't even run a local authority.

Pamberi nenyika yedu yeZimbabwe. Belgium ichavarasisa, regai muone.Pamberi nayo hondo ye economy yedu. Pasi neMDC. Pasi nevachena.

Long live Baba Chatunga,Cde RG Mugabe,Tsemukanyika.
Tiri tese kusvika nyika yedu yanaka.
Pamberi mberi nemi.
Grace Jones

Ko unogochemeyi iye akati he doed not neef the west? I eould have expected Mugabe to lead by example by showing he no longer cared sbout thr wext and csn stanf on hid ow. Like all amadhodha sibili.

What a poorly worded headline, when it is abundantly clear the very vital lesson (in quotes below) that Mhondoro Mugabe, the Teacher, was teaching Zim who are awake:

"This should serve as a reminder that the enemy we engaged yesteryear as we fought for our independence and economic self-determination continues to pursue illegal regime change against our country", Mhondoro Mugabe.
Peter Walters

Mugabe would have been happy to be endorsed by the West rather than SADC coz SADC gives him nothing. Why crying for the west when u claim u have natural resources ? Mugabe needs the west more than the west needs him.
ZANU Panyanga

In other news the whole day they have been broadcasting about the shooting in America. This gets all day air play while 60 people are killed in a bomb blast in Iraq that gets 30sec air play.
Peter Walters

so what ? Let Iraq channels broadcast that stuff ? why do u expect western channels to do that.
ZANU Panyanga

Because they are the reason Iraqis are being slaughtered. It shows they have very lil regard for all the other races
Peter Walters

Better than Mugabe who has little regard for his race , from gukurahundi , murambatsvina, mavhotera papi etc
ZANU Panyanga

So sanctions show you love your people. Harare was turning into a shanty town due to illegal structures. It was harbouring criminals so they had to go. First street and most of central Harare has been turned into an eyesore by illegals traders lining the streets since MDC took charge. Central Harare looks like mbare musika now thanks to MDC council. These clueless MDC can't run a piss up in a brewery.

What excuse do you have for Gukhurahundi then.....?

Whose air play! and where?
ZANU Panyanga

Western media
Mudzidzisi Ticha Benard

this old man is mad. after denying the west to observe elections he wants the west to give green light. Yesterday he said he can do without the west but his song remains west.. west... west.

Food for thought....Why is Bob so worried about being endorsed by the West,when he claims to detest them?Answers on a postcard please....It must be lonely at the top.

By refusing to endorse his government, the west is artificially finding a legitimate reason and justification to maintain the illegal sanctions on Zimbabwe. Then when you look at the chain of causation it points to the sanctions as the one of the reasons why our economy was at the brink of collapse. Consequently, Zimbabwe is finding it painstakingly difficult to make a quick economic recovery because they know these sanctions will impact our economy negatively. Otherwise they would have lifted them if no damage was being effected. That's why the west is reluctant to remove them, they want Zimbabwe not Mugabe to suffer. Evil is a man who hold keys to another man's freedom. They help create an environment so they can give us humanitarian aid as if they care but we don't need aid. We need to be controlling our own economy and conducting business freely without any hinderances. Hatisi zvirema bodo zvinoda ma hand outs.

Do not fiddle the facts. here,too much self-preservation and not a lot of truth. The sanctions by the West were targeted at certain individuals within Zanu PF not the country as a whole. Diamond exports to the far east , Asia markets and even to the middle east (lebanon & Israel) have been on the increase during those periods.The only beneficiaries of that were the army generals,Obert Mpofu, Saviour and some of the Zanu PF connected individuals. Our economy's collapse is largely due to the greed of a few individuals in power and the makings of the Reserve bank governor Gono who destroyed the local currency by overprinting it to record levels of hyperinflation. The Zim dollar was made worthless due to our own monetary policy not the West.

That's precisely what they want people like you to believe.As a starting point Google ZIDERA and read about it. I recommend you start with Wikipedia if you haven't got time to go deeper. Don't limit yourself my learned friend. Do an extensive research and stop listening to these western politicians.These Americans and the Euro devils are the architects of our current economic decay. Zimbabwe is just a small country of little significance but they find columns for it in the New York Times, the Financial Gazette in the UK why? to tell the world they have put personal sanctions on Mugabe and his cronies? NOOOO!!! we are not as poor as we look. We have an abundance of natural resources more than we need. In theory Zimbabwe is one of the richest countries in the Africa even the world. But the battle is who controls all that wealth waiting to be explored? Zimbabwe has been merely used as a warning to others in particular South Africa where their kith and kin still controls the economy. The message is clear ...If u DARE do this ....This is what will happen. Come on think you can do better than that.

How can you even begin to say the sanctions are targeted at individuals when they indeed target national entities? What is your understanding of sanctions? Like you seem to suggest there are no economic sanctions against Zimbabwe, why is it that Zimbabwe is on the OFAC sanctions list right there next to Iran, North Korea and Cuba? You need to start looking at things more critically sir. Diamond exports to the East have been on the up and thank God for that, however Antwerp is the hub where our diamonds must be to fetch competitive prices. If you believe Gono destroyed the economy then you need a rethink

Mr.Sunningdale(Kong Town)

Bob should be celebrating his "resounding victory" in the recent "free and fair" elections and forget about the imperialists who are bent on "re colonising" Zimbabwe using "puppets" like Tsvangson in order to effect regime change phew! kkkkkkkkk

For Mugabe to label the west as unprincipled and dishonest is the pot calling the kettle black.
Both the west and ZANU PF are sly and these are birds of a feather who deserve each other.
Is this the same Mugabe who only last week was bragging that Zimbabwe will manage without the west,their financial assistance and the lifting of sanctions?
Perhaps it was just bravado and mutterings of a broken man.
Whatever his motives are they are beginning to sound ridiculous and shallow.
Mugabe should get over his ruined love affair with Britain and America and kindle his romance with the Chinese and other Asian Tigers who are as rich as the western imperialists whom he incessantly despises and derides
Surely the Chinese and other Asian economies who have traded with Zimbabwe for all the years the country has laboured under western sanctions should by now trust him enough to provide his government with as much loans and financial assistance as the west used to.
Bragging that Zimbabwe can survive without the west in one instance and then calling for the lifting of sanctions in the next minute just reveals how desperate he is.
Mugabe should simply call their bluff and leave America and Britain alone.
All of us have taken his word that Zimbabwe will manage without these devils.
Even his comrades in China must be despairing by listening to him repeatedly making constant overtures to these colonialists when they are there for him
Surely his love for the west and their dollars cannot be this blind...

Why now does it matter what the west thinks about this election. They begged to come and observe and you said "no". They didn't matter then but now you need them to legitimize you. Aiwa ka, you cant have it both ways baba Chatunga. Chitongai ka nevacho vakakugamuchirai.

How many Africans have observed their elections in the US or EU? We don't want double standards. It has to be a level playing field and everything has to be reciprocal. You can't call the shorts on other countries and if they refuse you find ways to punish them. Ndozvatiri kuramba izvozvo. That's the kind of bullying and modern day slavery Mugabe is refusing. When they say jump instead of saying how high Mugabe says WHY? and that's what you failing to understand.

You clearly hace not witnessed at close range an election in the West. Everything is out in the open to the Point that its ridiculous to have observers. All results are known "live" that same night and are reported from where the voting occurred. There is no provincial pooling authority to doctor the numbers. At any one time you dispute something, those ballot boxes will be opened up and recounted, in front of all who care. The numbers of the total votes cast tallies with votes cast, # of ballot papers printed, and spoilt papers. Above all, the voters roll is available for all to see, way before the election. Military hasno role to play in the election. This is a far cry from the*rap yatakaitirwa ne the Zhang party
ZANU Panyanga

We want a world were every man is equal and no second rate citizens and we want a world were every nation is equal, no second rate nations. We should all be equal before our laws and no one should be above the law. All nations should be equal before the international law and no nation should be above that law.
James Bond

Hear hear, Cde!!! Now replace 'world' with 'Zimbabwe' 'country/Nation' with citizen; and 'international law' with 'constitution' in your very incisive post!! That is the Zimbabwe we have always yearned for, but tragically never been afforded by 'the owners of the country'.

Adapt, improvise and overcome they will regret the day they taught us to read, write and count cause Zimbabwe will never be a colony again.
Mudzidzisi Ticha Benard

that will happen after mugabe is gone
J. Mcwhip

Takunda Maodza Senior Reporter
MDC-T leader Mr
Morgan Tsvangirai failed to explain to his supporters in Mutare how the
harmonised elections were “stolen’’ and ended up grudgingly admitting
that President Mugabe and Zanu-PF prevailed and have the mandate to form
Government over the next five years.

follows an admission by the party’s Matabeleland North provincial
leadership which attributed the party’s loss to a poor manifesto,
imposition of candidates and shambolic structures.

Addressing his
party’s 14th anniversary celebrations at Sakubva Stadium in Mutare on
Saturday that had been touted as the platform to reveal “What Happened’’
on July 31, Mr Tsvangirai regurgitated the mantra that failed to find
purchase in the courts.

“Although (President) Mugabe was
inaugurated as President of the country and a Government is now there,
we will continue to remind them that they did not win the elections. But
if they are insisting that they won, we are saying go ahead and govern.
Give the people what you promised during the campaigns.”

was conceived by three British political parties — Labour, Conservatives
and Liberal Democrats — who came together under the Westminster
Foundation for Democracy to launch the party on a ZCTU platform in a bid
to depose Zanu-PF and halt the land reform programme.

Since then,
the Western-sponsored party has successively lost elections, plunging
to its worst defeat on July 31 where Mr Tsvangirai was trounced by
President Mugabe who garnered 61,09 percent of the vote to Mr
Tsvangirai’s 33,94.

Zanu-PF also dominated the 210 National
Assembly constituencies, clinching 160 seats to MDC-T’s 49 with the
remaining seat going to an independent candidate.

Despite growing
calls, including from the party’s Rhodesian element for his resignation
as party leader, Mr Tsvangirai insisted he will remain at the helm until
they had the opportunity to win elections in the future.

“What is the way forward? Where do we go from here? As a party and leadership we have been talking to the people.

“The way forward is for us to maintain our mass line and continue to
actively engage the people of Zimbabwe, to have perennial dialogue with
the people. From today onwards, we will come to your villages, we will
come to your districts and provinces talking about how we can go
forward,” he said.

Tsvangirai blamed alleged rigging for MDC-T’s loss, but could not
explain how the “rigging’’ occurred. The MDC-T leader also accused
Angola and China of having assisted Zanu-PF to manipulate the elections,
all along he had been claiming it was Israel.

He accused Angola
of facilitating the sale of the country’s Marange diamonds for use by
Zanu-PF in “rigging the elections”. Mr Tsvangirai also accused China of
training youths in military activities, whom he said were aimed at
intimidating the masses, but failed to convince his supporters who were
expecting to hear the party’s strategy into the future.

He made a
number of other allegations claiming the voting slips were printed by
the Ministry of Youth, Indigenisation and Empowerment then led by Cde
Saviour Kasukuwere.

Mr Tsvangirai further claimed the elections
were run by the army but still admitted defeat as he could not figure
out some specifics to buttress his argument.

“They can have the majority in Parliament. They can have their Cabinet, asi tinoti tongai tione,” he charged.
Mr Tsvangirai pleaded with his supporters not to despair in defeat.

warning to you all is not to be despondent. There are some among us who
say where do we go from here? There are some among us who doubt on the
way forward. Our collective challenge is not to give up. We all feel the
world is crushing on us. This is one of the moments.

For the sake
of our country which we love and have sacrificed so much, we as a
people and as a movement cannot be held captive by despondence and
despair. This is a passing phase, a passing moment. We have a job not to
wail but to ensure that our struggle continues with full force,” he

The 14th anniversary celebrations were an embarrassment to
the MDC-T leadership. Running under a revised theme, “Claiming Our
Victory”, from Claiming and Celebrating Victory”, the celebrations were
officially scheduled to start at 9am. They, however, started five hours
later as the stadium was empty.

The MDC-T only managed four seats
out of 24 in Manicaland and this has not only shocked party supporters
by even Mr Tsvangirai himself.

Throughout his address, he kept
repeating “where did (President) Mugabe get the two million votes”. As
the MDC-T leader was addressing his supporters from the party’s
provinces, thousands of Mutare residents continued with their chores as
if nothing was happening.

The President might be right in his analysis but now it sounds pathetic. He should just leave them alone and pursue other avenues. Zvakafana nemunhu arambwa oramba pfungwa dziri pane akuramba- kupedza nguva. Hope is good and bad at the same time at times. We should all get used to sporting the signs early enough and give up- its not some form of weakness as some people think- its massive strength- at times.

Stop crying to the west for attention, you know you stole the election so the least you can do is to perform the duties of a legitimate President and then maybe you might fool everyone to think that you really won fair and square. Lol i can't believe i'm actually giving Bob a good tip, but hey, if he can get the jobs in, what the hell.

Mugabe, the great Chinese puppet!

This idiot Matibili is used to forcing everything. His wife was got by ginya, Zim leadershipby ginya and now he wants to force everyone to support a rigged election by ginya. To hell with Mugabe nezvimbwasungata zvake!

well stated.

big man talking stupid!!
ZANU Panyanga

Yes they are liars and hypocrites. The world is changing go ask Cameron and Obama their faces full of egg. They had to stand down on Syria. Hats off Pres Putin for bringing out the truth and standing up to these criminal. Planting evidence to legitimise invading Syria. Thanks to the Internet people have information so you cannot lie to the world anymore. I wish we had an opposition like the labour in the UK not this crap we have in Zim. That's what opposition is about. It's about bringing balance to motions not kutengesa nyika. Ed milliband is now more popular than dzungu man Cameron. Same goes to the senate in the states. Our opposition is just oabout attacking our own country. If you destroy the country ko if you come into power unozotongei. These liers are losing credibly. Mugabe is only stating what they are and he did not beg them. He is stating and exposing them so the liers they are. They reneged on land compensation and now they changed the goal post on sanctions. MDC will never come into power. Hapana Nhamo ichapfuura yatakaona in the past 13yrs. Mind you while their countries economies were going down due to economic melt down Zimbabwe survived both economic melt down and sanction. So they can go hang.

David Cameron poll rating has gone up in the last few months, Ed Miliband is having issues within his party, especially with the unions because most people think he is weak. Zimbabwe has not survived economic meltdown.......1.8m starving, no jobs, no electricity or water, all across the the country...
ZANU Panyanga

We are talking about the vote on Syria in the commons dummy. Secondly do you know wat a collapsed economy looks like?. They failed to destroy our economy which was their aim.
Shumba Masvingo I

Tell them Afroboy. Some people just write their wishful thinking instead of writing reality.

Stop lying about British politics,
ZANU Panyanga

Wat do you know about British politics.

ZANU Panyanga

You wish mate. Une shungu dzekugara muEngland hanti. I can get you a visa and you go work for my property rentals company. We the foreigner own properties in London . Wemo can't even afford to buy houses, they can't raise the deposit requirement to get a mortgage and even if they raise it most of them fucked up their credit ratings from over spending on credit card which they then failed to repay back therefore messing up their credit ratings so bank won't lend them money. They are renting from us. So we keep up to date with the laws as we deal with people and companies on a daily basis.

You are way in over your head son and I don't know where you are getting your info. For the record syria is bigger than Mugabe stealing the elections because it involves the annihilation of its people using chemical weapons. Now its a fact which no one can argue that the Syrian government have these weapons and that they are in the process of turning over these chemical weapons to avert an inevitable military action response. Syria had denied that they have these weapons, but now all of a sudden they do, so don't make a fool out of yourself, know your facts please. The bottom line is that Mugabe outrightly stole the election so for more info please refer to the article, "Tsvangirai reveals how the vote was stolen" and if you can counter and refute all the evidence he presents then people might take you seriously, you seem like an aspiring story teller but what's needed are facts and evidence.
ZANU Panyanga

Hahahah Tsvangirai is the story teller. How do I refute when all he keeps saying is he has the evidence and he has a dossier. There is nothing to refute till he presents the evidence he keeps talking about. You also missed my point. In the Iraq incident they cooked up a story and within days they invaded even tho there was opposition from UN and other countries. They were that strong to do watever. This time they were going to do the same again. Mind you they were within a day to go in but were stopped in their tracks. Yes he had the weapons but the point is he did not use them on his people as they want us to believe. It's them who have been arming the rebels and because the rebels were losing and had to stage this chemical attack which would give them a reason to go into Syria. If Asad crossed the line what are they waiting for? They cannot go in because they were exposed by Russia and china for their lies. You dnt even have a que what's going on mate. No country will agree to have chemical weapons even if they have. No country will agree to having nukes even if they have unless they are the western countries cause then you become their target and hostility.

Thank you.

The West does not like you and your ways, get over it and run the country properly.

Seriously, if the election was endorsed by such a large number of organisations, then why yearn for the West's endorsement. If RGM wanted this endorsement, then why did he not invite them so that they see for themselves instead of depending on third parties. SADC have not said the elections were fair, 'generally' credible leaves a question mark. It is the prerogative of the West to look at the SADC report and draw their own conclusions.

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