Friday, October 25, 2013

PF has crumpled opposition's activities, charges Mpombo
By Moses Kuwema
Fri 04 Oct. 2013, 14:01 CAT

GEORGE Mpombo says the two years of PF in office has been a huge cacophony of noise with little sustainable economic, social and democratic achievements.

Mpombo, who is People's Democratic Party president, said there had been tragic leadership failure in all areas, something he said was at a great cost to the country.

"On democracy, the PF has maintained the obnoxious public order Act in order to suppress the activities of the opposition and yet President Michael Sata was challenging the opposition to keep his government on the toes. How can the opposition do this when they are not allowed to hold public meetings? Since the PF came in, they have crumpled the activities of the opposition," he said.

Mpombo said during President Sata's time in opposition, the country witnessed the worst form of vulgarisation against the government.

Mpombo said President Sata used to utter the most uncharitable remarks against the president and no one asked him to report to the police but that at the moment, there was a deliberate attempt to muzzle opposition leaders.
"That is a clear failure of democratic tolerance. They should be able to tolerate other leaders but the democratic project under Mr Sata has suffered a comprehensive mission creep. We have also seen retrogression in the editorial performance of the public media under Mr Sata. The little modicum of freedom which existed under Mr Banda has completely been wiped out. The public media has been turned into a megaphone to sing Mr Sata's praises all the time. This is a setback to the democratic growth of the country," he said.

Mpombo said in terms of foreign policy, Zambia's position had plummeted to its lowest since independence.

"Zambia is now viewed as a country that has no respect for human rights and a country that does not seem to do things right," said Mpombo.

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