Monday, October 07, 2013

Zesco to normalise supply in Lilanda next month
By Kabanda Chulu
Wed 11 Sep. 2013, 14:00 CAT

ZESCO says normal electricity supply to Lilanda and other outlying areas will be restored next month due to massive equipment upgrades and improvement on the quality of supply of the Lusaka Distribution Network that is being undertaken.

The power utility explained in a bulletin issued this week that the works had caused erratic supply to consumers in the area.

"The upgrade has been necessitated by a sound increase in business activities, as well as notable upsurge in new electricity connections, following subsidized installation fees. Lilanda Site 5 and surrounding areas fall under the increased access project which Zesco is undertaking in partnership with the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) and the World Bank," it stated.

"In order to smoothly execute the project, Zesco has put in place measures to ensure minimal disruption of supply in the area by constructing temporal substations such as a mobile sub-station at Matero main sub-station. During this period, work to re-route Zesco lines to alternative sub-stations has also been done."

It stated that works involved the upgrading of the 33/11kV Matero sub-station from 2 x 20 MVA to 2 x 41.5 MVA transformers and associated switchgear.

"The works also involve the replacing of obsolete 33kV switchgear at 33kV at Liverpool sub-station along Mungwi Road and upgrading the 33/11kV Barlastone sub-station from 1 x 7.5 MVA to 2 x 20MVA and these works will be completed by October 2013," stated Zesco Ltd.

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