Monday, November 04, 2013

Chipwaya underscores integrated farming
By Godfrey Chikumbi in Kawambwa
Mon 14 Oct. 2013, 14:00 CAT

SAMFYA district livestock officer Mudenda Chipwaya says integration of livestock with crops and fish farming can enhance productivity if properly used.

Chipwaya said on Friday that integration of livestock, various crops and fish farming had been identified as the only tool to boost productivity in farming.

He said the rearing of animals, along with crops and fish, created a diverse way of farming which provided adequate substitution in an event of failure in one enterprise.

"Integrated farming creates diverse farming, thus providing adequate substitution in an event of failure in one enterprise; a farmer may still have animals for food and income," Chipwaya said.

He has since disclosed that the departments of veterinary, fisheries and crops would be training field officers to equip them with adequate information and knowledge on the application of integrated farming in the district.

Chipwaya said the training of field officers under the said departments would be followed by the training of individual farmers in all the camps in the district.

"The district is also trying to encourage aquaculture, taking advantage of the vast water resources in the district. All farmers that have fish ponds would be equipped with integration skills," said Chipwaya.

And Samfya district veterinary officer Kenneth Chawinga said the integrated

farming approach, which was being promoted by the Programme for Luapula
Agricultural and Rural Development (PLARD), would save farmers a lot of time.

He explained that by using the integrated farming approach, officers from all departments under the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock would be meeting farmers at once, thereby saving time for them to engage in actual production.

Meanwhile, Dr Chawinga disclosed that his department had so far vaccinated 987 dogs and that the campaign to vaccinate more was still going on.

Dr Chawinga said the vaccination campaign was being carried out in line with this year's world veterinary day celebrations, an event which was celebrated in Kitwe on September 28.



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