Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Kabimba demands Daily Mail apology over 'dark corner' story
By Roy Habaalu
Wed 16 Oct. 2013, 14:01 CAT

WYNTER Kabimba has demanded a public apology and retraction from Zambia Daily Mail over a story it published alleging that he was holding dark-corner meetings, failure to which he would commence legal proceedings against the newspaper for libel.

In a letter dated October 10, 2013 addressed to Zambia Daily Mail managing director Anthony Mukwita by Kabimba's lawyers AMC Legal Practitioners, Kabimba stated that the words used were false, malicious and wanton.

"Our client instructs that on Thursday 3rd October 2013, your Newspaper carried the headline: 'Wynter Holds Dark Corner Meetings.' Under this headline it was alleged that our client has been holding meetings in which he intended to split the current ruling party, the Patriotic Front (PF), the party for which he is the secretary general, by 'arm-twisting the district commissioners.'

The said article also accused our client of 'apparently showing open discontent towards President Sata' and urging the district commissioners to 'remain loyal to him even in the eventual demotion or expulsion, warning that the party was likely to break up if he was fired or removed from his position due to the influence he wields.' The article further alleges that Mr Kabimba told the district commissioners 'I made you to become DC'," read the letter in part.

Kabimba stated that the words in the article were false, malicious and wanton to him and consequently his reputation in person as Minister of Justice and secretary general of PF had been diminished in the eyes of right-thinking members of society.

"In light of this we have been instructed to demand that an apology be published in your newspaper within seven days from date of receipt of this letter, failing which we have instructions to commence legal proceedings for libel," read the letter.

On October 3, 2013, the Daily Mail reported that the twists and turns in the Patriotic Front differences that have pitted Kabimba against some grassroots members and even other top members had continued.

It reported that as the plot thickened, a scheme to "spill the beans" and practically break the ruling party up if he were expelled as demanded by sections of the youth had emerged following an alleged meeting that Kabimba held with district commissioners in Western Province.

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