Saturday, November 02, 2013

Sata will handle PF indiscipline - Mulenga
By Tilyenji Mwanza
Tue 08 Oct. 2013, 14:01 CAT

MULENGA Sata says party officials should not use him to get to his father. A few weeks ago some PF members in Lusaka sent a petition to President Michael Sata through his son Mulenga, demanding for the removal of Kabimba as secretary general of the party.

The cadres, who had earlier been involved in a fight with another PF group which was against endorsing President Sata for another term, said they wanted Mulenga to talk to his father over going for another term and to deal with Kabimba.

The group had marched to Mulenga's home, where they presented the petition.

The cadres also petitioned Sata's son to have Lusaka district and provincial leaderships dissolved.

Mulenga promised to convey the message to the party leadership including Kabimba, Vice President Guy Scott and his father.
Mulenga was also among officials that attended a consultative meeting in Lusaka that deliberated on Kabimba's issue and which culminated in a resolution to remove the secretary general.

He later said he wanted Kabimba to continue as secretary general.
And in an interview, Mulenga, who is Lusaka deputy mayor, said there were many things going on in the party but they should not be addressed through him.

"I do not want to speak in the capacity as my father or be used to get to my father. The indiscipline going on in the party will be handled by the big man. I do not want to be used in this. I do not want to be used by anyone," said Mulenga after being asked about the indiscipline that was going on in the PF.

Mulenga observed that with President Michael Sata's return from the US, the PF house would be put in order.

"With the big man back, things will return to order and I expect people to go to him for answers; not look to me for answers. Yes, in the past I was used to take a message of concern to my father but that was in the past and now that he is back, let these things go to him," he said.

Mulenga said he was saddened by the wrangles in the PF and called on the party leadership to address them.

"I am urging party leadership to take up more responsibility. However, I know the party leadership is working on the matter," said Mulenga.

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