Sunday, December 15, 2013

Former SA minister Sexwale arrested in US
October 28, 2013
Herald Reporters

THE duplicitous nature of the United States government was once again exposed yesterday following the arrest of former South African Minister of Housing Mr Tokyo Sexwale at the JFK International Airport for being on the terrorist watch list compiled by the Regan administration at the height of the anti-apartheid struggle in South Africa.
Anti-apartheid activists were slapped with sanctions by the US government as they were considered terrorists.

The sanctions have since been lifted on some of the ANC leaders with founding president Nelson Mandela only being cleared ahead of his 90th birthday in July 2008.

And it had to take then US president George W Bush’s signature on a Bill to enable Mandela visit the US.
Mr Sexwale was released after detention.

The Sexwale incident has embarrassed the US, the self-proclaimed proponent of democracy and human rights, which has always opposed the use of selective application and is disrespectful to African leaders.

Midlands State University lecturer Dr Nhamo Mhiripiri yesterday said the US systematically uses those tactics to embarrass African leaders, but ends up embarrassing itself in the process.

“Imagine that even Mandela as President of South Africa had to be cleared in order to travel to the US. This is why we have said that in the case of Zimbabwe, the sanctions would remain in place for more years than we ever expect.

“For us as Africans it should be very worrisome as it is disrespectful to our leaders.

“If you look back at how Tokyo was placed on that list, it was not only him as an individual, but as a member of the African National Congress, the group he belonged to. There is group identity in place here.”

Dr Mhiripiri said the illegal sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe affected every Zimbabwean.

“In the case of South Africa, there are bilateral relations they signed with the US and there is no way South Africa would send Tokyo to US, knowing he is a terrorist. It’s a lesson to all Africans that these guys will humiliate us at any given time,’’ said Dr Mhiripiri.

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